A Clinical Psychologist – Dr. Na’im Akbar Research Paper

Table of Contents
  1. Chain And Images of Psychological Slavery
  2. Light from Ancient Africa
  3. Visions for Black Men
  4. The Community of Self
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

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Dr. Na’im Akbar was born method again in 1944 on the 26th day of April. He was initially generally known as Luther Benjamin Weems on the time of his start. Throughout his childhood life, he was introduced up in Tallahassee, Florida (Stevens, 2012). This was a remarkably minority surroundings making an allowance for that almost all residents on this place have been sometimes Black Americans. His first interplay with the White American race got here at a time when he was becoming a member of faculty as a freshman scholar. He later joined Islamic faith in 1971 and subsequently modified his identify to Na’im Akbar. He did his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) diploma on the University of Michigan and after graduating, he enrolled for his Masters diploma in the identical discipline. However, he opted for a level in Psychology on the doctorate stage in the identical college.

His first place of business was the Morehouse College of Atlanta on the Department of Psychology. He joined this establishment after acquiring his terminal diploma. He served on this division for a interval of 5 years. Since he was among the many minority professionals within the faculty, he noticed the necessity to empower the minority race in all methods. For occasion, the primary ever psychology program on the faculty was made attainable by Akbar after he initiated the black psychology programs (Stevens, 2012). This was a significant milestone making an allowance for that it was not straightforward to combine the beliefs of the minority Black race that was thought of to be much less superior. He didn’t take lengthy earlier than ascending to the chairmanship of the Department of Psychology on the college. Later on, he assisted within the institution of the Office of Human Development after he moved to Chicago, IL. This bureau was situated on the Nation of Islam Headquarters. It was particular that he had deep-sited curiosity in Islamic faith.

He afterwards grew to become a member of the school on the Norfolk State University. As a school member, he additionally agitated for the introduction of programs in Black psychology that might additionally serve the pursuits of the black minority race. He additionally taught psychology programs on African Americans on the Florida State University from 1979. Nonetheless, he has remained a famend scholar from the minority Black race and has additionally contributed massively within the adoption and growth of Black psychology programs in numerous establishments of upper studying (Stevens, 2012).

As a minority male psychologist, Dr. Akbar has written a number of award successful psychology books in numerous domains. Some of his literary works embrace the Chain And Images of Psychological Slavery that was printed in 1984, Light from Ancient Africa (printed in 1994), Visions for Black Men (printed in 1992), The Community of Self (printed in 1985), Know Thy Self (printed in 1998) in addition to Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery (printed in 1996). His newest publication entitled Akbar Papers In African Psychology was launched in 2004.

Chain And Images of Psychological Slavery

The creator has compiled two foremost essays within the e-book that try to deal with the plight of those that endure psychological slavery. Excerpts from the 2 essays seem very thought-provoking and fascinating (Akbar, 1984). However, the concepts within the essays have been offered within the easiest method that may be understood by most readers. For instance, the character revolves across the encounters of slavery interval when African Americans have been beneath the bondage of slave commerce. In the primary essay, the creator is kind of categorical that this group of individuals nonetheless suffers psychological slavery on account of their previous life as slaves. In the second essay, Akbar explores why the Black youngsters could discover themselves much less superior because of the ideology that God is white. Indeed, these are psychological messes that almost all of those that went by means of acts of slavery nonetheless discover it cumbersome to forego. Moreover, the concept of depicting God as a white individual has led to long run inferiority advanced particularly among the many Black race.

Light from Ancient Africa

Akbar makes an attempt to deliver out the paramount significance of human psychology on this e-book. It is extra of a “Re-Africanization of Psychology Project” for the reason that latter has been given important contribution (Akbar, 1994). In different phrases, the creator is kind of particular that Africa will need to have invented the a lot valued human psychology opposite to the favored perception that it emanated from different so-called superior races. He additionally helps his arguments with adequate proofs in an effort to persuade the viewers. In addition, the kemetic or African origination of human psychology has been elaborated by the creator in order that the readers can acquire a vivid and concise comprehension of the e-book (Akbar, 1994).

Visions for Black Men

The e-book provides a innovative info on Black males on how they’ll cope with psychological points which have been affecting their manhood (Akbar, 1991). The creator appeared to have famous that the black males have been actually affected by poor manhood growth. This type of struggling ended up into some type of psychological trauma that might solely be solved by a psychological perspective. The creator underscores the truth that there are a number of black males who masquerade as males whereas they’ll nonetheless be categorised as boys as a result of they haven’t developed absolutely into males. This impacts their private growth targets in addition to their normal nicely being in society.

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Our every day lives are clearly depicted by the circumstances mentioned on this e-book. For occasion, the psychological maturity that’s anticipated amongst males could generally not be there in any respect though these people could seem like bodily grown and mature (Akbar, 1991).

The Community of Self

The content material of this e-book has been cut up into 9 distinct sections. Each of the sections has been interlinked in an effort to obtain the widespread purpose of the e-book. To start with, Akbar elaborates the idea of technical operations of self. These operations embrace will, motive conscience, reminiscence, ego and the senses. Hence, concord can solely be attained when the totally different features work together amongst themselves. Akbar notes that crucial technical facet is the need and that it ought to take the middle stage among the many remainder of the weather talked about.

The creator is kind of articulate when he notes {that a} group is analogous to the operations of the self as a result of it’s made of various gamers or stakeholders who should collaborate if a standard good is to be attained. On the identical breath, there may be indeniable want for the person elements to unite beneath the course of the need (Akbar, 1985).

In the next part of the e-book, the creator observes that there’s want for accountability for actions dedicated by a person. In different phrases, folks ought to train excessive ranges of duty primarily based on what they do each day. Akbar elucidates that the power to concentrate to the internal voice is of nice import within the course of of achieving self duty. Hence, our actions must be guided by the internal silent voice.

Although the notion of the “inner voice” may seem like fairly mystic, additional terrestrial and past easy attain and understanding by most of his readers, it’s pertinent to say that the creator has gone a step additional in attempting to inch nearer to the relevance of conscience in our lives. Hence, the internal voice on this context can’t be taken to indicate some type of echo or unusual voices that irregular folks typically expertise (Akbar, 1985). This type of voice is skilled on account of full coordination of the technically working options talked about above. When the aforementioned features work as a group, it’s attainable for a person to discern between proper and fallacious strikes and due to this fact enhance the extent of transparency, duty and accountability. Hence, the group of self is vital within the lifetime of a person.


To recap all of it, it’s important to over-emphasize that although there are myriads of books written in Psychology that depict white male researchers as essentially the most profitable within the discipline, the reality is that even the minority races resembling Blacks have equally succeeded in producing award successful literary works in Psychology which have been used to advance data on this discipline. As already mentioned on this essay, it’s evident that Dr. Na’im Akbar is certainly an achieved scholar price emulating.


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