AIDS and Other Social Viruses


Aids is a illness which was found within the early 1980’s and is believed to have originated in Central Africa from a virus that had been existence in sure monkey species for over fifty thousand years. Since its discovery in US in1981, the virus has unfold quickly.

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The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported that the variety of AIDS victims in US elevated to 513,486 by the top of 1995 (Enotes, n.d, Par. 1). This pattern continued throughout the previous decade with the variety of victims reaching 1.2 million by the top of 2005.

UNAIDS reported that roughly 2.3 million individuals had been dwelling with the virus in Europe by the top of 2008 (Avert, 2010, Par. 1).Eastern Europe was main when it comes to prevalence charges (Avert, 2007, para.1-7). However, latest mechanisms aimed toward averting the unfold of the virus appear to be bearing fruits. This is clear from the truth that prevalence charges and deaths ensuing from HIV/AIDS have dropped in lots of international locations.

It has been noticed that social and political ills within the society might be extra damaging than the organic ones. Social and political viruses embrace medication, alcohol, crime and violence, household decline and environmental points.


The objective of the paper is to investigate whether or not social and political viruses might be extra damaging in comparison with organic viruses.


Drugs and Alcohol Misuse

Drug abuse is outlined as misuse of over-the-counter medication and prescribed drugs. It additionally consists of habit to such substances. Many individuals use medication and alcohol as a way of escaping social and private issues and different tasks.

Drug and alcohol abuse results in an increment in social issues. These embrace household breakdown, job losses, stress and lack of instructional alternatives. Campaigns to teach individuals on the hazards of drug abuse have failed to deal with this situation.

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Frequently abused medication embrace cocaine, heroine and marijuana. Marijuana is the most typical drug in US. Approximately two in each 5 Americans admit to have used it at one time of their life and about 10 p.c use it frequently.

Another sort of generally abused medication consists of stimulants and cocaine. Drugs and alcohol have a adverse impression on the society as an entire. For instance, these substances are a standard reason behind household breakdowns, home violence and crime (Miles, n.d, p. 5).

The National Health Service of UK and the Food and Drugs Administration of US are below budgetary pressures to offer funds for combating this social drawback. The value of drug abuse to US financial system is superb.

Over the previous few years, this value has elevated to roughly one trillion {dollars} per 12 months from 181 billion {dollars} in 2002 (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2004, p. 9). This is way over value of HIV/AIDS to US financial system per 12 months which is roughly at 36.4 million {dollars} yearly. This makes it evident that drug abuse is detrimental to US financial system greater than organic viruses.

The Decline of the Family

A robust household is significant for a kid’s improvement. This is as a result of it’s the foundation to which kids develop values referring to bodily, emotional and social. However, adults and kids are immediately more and more being confronted with the challenges of damaged households. Statistics point out that as much as 15 p.c of all infants born in UK develop up within the absence of their organic fathers (Lee & Anderson, 2006, p.5).

Family declines are a significant reason behind social evils in a given group or society. Single-parent youngsters usually tend to have instructional issues, drug and alcohol misuse and therefore unemployment.

Family decline is characterised by a rise in single parenting, {couples} selecting to stay childlessness, same-sex marriages and extramarital affairs. Young individuals are constantly being uncared for as mother and father develop into concerned in different actions, largely earnings associated. Bad parenting can also be failing to impart the required values to younger individuals (Rowntree, 2008, p. 6).

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Crime and Violence

Child abuse, violence in opposition to girls, drug abuse, rape and homicide are a few of the most typical types of crime dedicated immediately. Unfortunately, most of those crimes are generally undertaken by youth. This is a direct results of unhealthy parenting and poverty.

Deaths ensuing from unlawful firearms have elevated quickly over the latest years in America (Conway, 1998, p.65). This has been attributed to quite a lot of components such because the financial system, values and social developments amongst others.

A direct consequence of crime has been a slowdown within the charge of financial progress in areas susceptible to crime. Crime additionally undermines democratic rights of residents. Other results of crime embrace worry, stress and suicidal ideas by the perpetrators of those actions. Report from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) within the US signifies that nearly 23 million households are affected by crime yearly and represents 1 / 4 of all properties.

On the financial scale, US Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that the price of crime to the financial system is about 18 billion {dollars} a 12 months. This value is unique of the authorized course of charge and the price of rehabilitation of offenders. These prices ought to surpass that of HIV/AIDS (Lee & Anderson, 2006, p.5).

A Decline of Values

Besides being a social virus itself, decline in values additionally supplies a breeding floor for the event of different social vices. The fundamental values that promote co-existence with others equivalent to honesty, tolerance and respect, are dropping which means within the fashionable society. Intolerance is a social virus which ought to be urgently addressed. This is often seen when individuals battle on non secular grounds (Conway, 1998, p.35).

Racial and cultural intolerance can also be a significant supply of battle attributable to lack of awareness on the significance of tolerance. Honesty can also be a treasured worth that has been misplaced; most individuals attribute the shortage of this advantage to the media and the federal government. Lack of this worth in a society might result in household breakdowns and even prolong to say no of the group.

Other values which have been misplaced by the group but so essential for the well-being of the whole society are empathy and compassion. These values are the cornerstones for a society the place individuals present love for each other. Their absence additionally results in the sprouting up different social ills.

Individualism, Consumerism and Community Decline

Individualism is an ideology which focuses on the person as being himself i.e. not a part of a group or society. It stresses on the targets and wishes of an individual. This ideology could possibly be damaging since it’s based mostly on the assumption that one can exist in isolation and so not want the remainder of the society.

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Consumerism is the assumption that consumption of merchandise in better portions is economically helpful. Both individualism and consumerism promote greed as they’re each centered on a person fairly than the society, resulting in the decline of the group. Fear and mistrust prevails with decline in the neighborhood as a result of the individuals don’t belief each other.

These two ideologies promote a greed for client items which is in itself evil. It additionally blinds the group on different’s wants. Extreme software of those ideologies results in egocentric individualism and wasteful consumption within the notion that that is economically productive.

Less integration at group stage signifies that bigger points affecting the civil society will not be adequately dealt with, resulting in much more social evils like crime and violence, drug abuse and alcoholism (Watts, n.d, p.1-3)

Poverty and Inequality

Inequality is the imparity in train of fundamental rights and freedoms by a person, this consists of training and work. On the opposite hand, poverty is the state by which one lacks the technique of accessing the first wants. Statistics from Oxfam point out that nearly 13 million individuals dwell in poverty within the UK.

This is nearly a fifth of the whole inhabitants. Less than a sixth of the UK inhabitants is HIV constructive, thus poverty ought to be addressed extra urgently. It can also be recognized that poverty results in the unfold of the HIV virus, subsequently a discount of the poverty ranges will straight result in a discount in an infection charges. Poverty is seen as a significant avenue to different social issues like crime.

Inequality promotes social divisions because the society is categorized into ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ at social locations, that’s, instructional and well being establishments.

Environmental Issues

This is a political virus that has each quick and long-term results on our surroundings. Several points affecting the setting have been brought on by man and are actually manifesting in different kinds like world warming. This has resulted into big investments by governments in an try and reverse the scenario.

Most of immediately’s environmental catastrophes equivalent to floods, hurricanes, drought and rise within the ocean ranges have been brought on by man. Attempts to reverse these damages are too expensive. Damage ensuing from man’s actions on the setting is each catastrophic and expensive.

For instance, the harm ensuing from Hurricane Katrina which struck the US precipitated$135 billion harm. It is estimated that the US may effectively spend over $100 billion by 2030 and $19 trillion by 2100 in an effort to adapt to the consequences of local weather change. 2.4 billion. Numerous individuals had been affected by results of local weather change within the final decade. This was a 150 p.c rise from the final decade.

The value of worldwide warming could be very excessive, and it impacts many individuals that you will need to make pressing adjustments for the sake of the longer term generations. Environmental points are extra damaging than these of organic viruses like HIV, and should be addressed urgently.


Recent developments within the discipline of drugs have led to the event of medicine referred to as ARVs. A HIV constructive particular person can now dwell for as much as 24 years. This got here as a reprieve to the contaminated and the affected. There are actually fewer deaths as a direct consequence of the an infection.

However, there are extra urgent or pressing points that have an effect on the society on a wider scale than HIV as they’ve been mentioned within the paper. These points both have an effect on extra individuals or have big implications on a rustic’s monetary price range. It is sort of evident that these social viruses are carefully associated. Emergence of 1 social situation culminates into one other. Therefore the viruses ought to be addressed with a way of urgency.

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