Aileen Wuornos’ Background and Crimes Presentation

Childhood Period

  • Aileen was born to 2 underage dad and mom (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • Aileen’s father was in jail for the deceit of one other lady (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • Subsequently, the lady had her mom’s final identify.
  • A 12 months after beginning, the mom left Aileen and her brother, and the lady’s grandparents raised them (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • According to the girl, she was subjected to violence by her brother and grandfather (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • In adolescence, the lady had an illegitimate baby (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).

Born within the household of underage dad and mom, Aileen quickly left with out her father who was imprisoned, and a bit later, with out her mom who left two kids. The lady was introduced up by her grandparents, and her childhood was filled with debauchery and permissiveness. By the age of 13, the lady had already had many sexual companions and gave beginning to 1 illegitimate baby.

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Adolescent Period

  • Aileen lived in her grandparents’ household till she was 13 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • The information of rapes have been questioned by psychiatrists (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • At fourteen, kinfolk kicked the lady out of the home (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • At the age of fifteen, Aileen wandered and engaged in prostitution (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • The lady didn’t return to her grandparents’ home.
  • Later, Aileen went to Florida.

The adolescent interval of Aileen Wuornos was very stormy, and later, her kinfolk expelled her from the home the place she hardly ever lived. The lady started to guide an much more rampant life-style, wandering and doing prostitution. In order to vary one thing in her life, on the age of twenty, she moved to Florida.

Adult Period

  • A brief marriage with a seventy-year-old man.
  • The imprisonment for driving within the state of intoxication in 1974 (Jenkins, 2017).
  • A suicide try in 1978 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • An armed assault on the shop in 1982 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • Sexual relationship with a girl, which lasted for a very long time (Jenkins, 2017).
  • Prolonged prostitution and extortion.

After transferring to Florida, Eileen had a brief marriage with a seventy-year-old man, which, nonetheless, quickly broke up as a result of the truth that the husband went to courtroom, accusing his spouse of fixed beatings. Later, the girl was delivered to prison legal responsibility for driving drunk, and after tried suicide and remedy within the hospital, she was imprisoned due to armed theft. Having acquainted with the consultant of non-traditional sexual orientation, Wuornos had a protracted relationship together with her. However, the girl didn’t cease practising prostituting.

Murder Series

  • The sequence of murders started in 1989 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • The first sufferer of Aileen was a store proprietor.
  • The subsequent sufferer was forty-three-year-old David Spears, who was killed in 1990 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • Forty-year-old Charles Carskaden continued the record of Wuornos.
  • Another sufferer was a retired sailor who was additionally killed in 1990 (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • In the summer time of 1990, Aileen killed a van driver (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).

Aileen Wuornos started her sequence of murders in 1989. For a brief interval, she killed seven individuals, and all of them have been males. The girl had a particular type, killing, as a rule, those that needed to have an intimate relationship together with her. The age of her victims exceeds the common indicator. As a weapon of homicide, Wuornos all the time used a revolver.

Crimes and Consequences

  • In the early autumn of 1990, Wuornos killed the sheriff (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • In late autumn, a sixty-year-old Walter Antonio was murdered (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • The assassin used false names.
  • In 1991, Wuornos was arrested (“Aillen Wuornos biography,” 2017).
  • Since 1993, Aileen waited for 9 years for her execution (Jenkins, 2017).
  • A deadly injection was made to the girl in 2002 (Jenkins, 2017).

The final sufferer of the serial killer was murdered in late 1990. A 12 months later, the police have been in a position to catch Aileen who periodically modified her names. In 1993, she was sentenced to loss of life, largely because of the cooperation of her mistress with the investigation. After a lapse of 9 years, Wuornos was executed by a deadly injection.

Theory of Pressure

  • The hole between cultural norms and the targets of the society (Lee & Choi, 2014).
  • Non-acceptance of social requirements of life.
  • Aspiration to vary the angle to oneself.
  • Aileen’s deviant conduct is brought on by an unfavorable previous.
  • Attempts to concentrate to oneself.
  • Constant and unceasing stress from others.

As one of many basis ideas of Wuornos’ crimes, the speculation of stress may be utilized (Lee & Choi, 2014). Its essence lies in the truth that a person shows deviant conduct as a result of she or he doesn’t wish to put up with the foundations of the society and tries to draw consideration to oneself. Aileen’s unfavorable previous is instantly associated to the manifestation of violence. Also, the girl was pressured to expertise fixed stress from others.

Theory of Differentiated Association

  • Social teams affect the conduct of the person (James & Proulx, 2014).
  • Aileen’s crimes are brought on by an unruly life-style.
  • An imitation factor is current within the actions of the prison (James & Proulx, 2014).
  • Murders are dedicated impulsively and spontaneously.
  • Disrespect for the legislation is rising.
  • The setting impacts the manners of the prison (Morrissey, 2014).

The principle of differentiated affiliation implies a powerful affect of social teams on the actions of the prison and his or her habits (James & Proulx, 2014). Due to the truth that Wuornos led an delinquent life-style, her setting typically influenced her deviant conduct. Disrespect for the legislation and disrespect for the social norms of morality quickly grew, which led to seven murders in a really quick time frame.

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Theory of Cultures Conflict

  • The fixed change of norms of conduct and views (Boyle & Reburn, 2015).
  • Attachment to varied social teams (Boyle & Reburn, 2015).
  • The change of Wuornos’ sexual orientation confirms the applying of this principle.
  • Deviant conduct is fashioned via cultures battle.
  • The neglect of typically accepted norms of conduct.
  • Aileen’s lack of ethical qualities inherent within the representatives of a law-abiding society.

The principle of cultures battle that may be utilized on this case implies a relentless change of views and conduct (Boyle & Reburn, 2015). One of the items of proof is Wuornos’ intimate relationship with a girl. Constant conflicts with the society generated aggression and deviant conduct, which manifested itself within the type of murders. The ethical ideas of Aileen fully contradicted social norms.


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