Analysis of Medication Chart Report

Constant chest ache was the first motive why George decided to make an appointment with a physician. After being recognized with coronary artery illness, the affected person underwent surgical procedure. Medical historical past demonstrates that this particular person had blockages in 3 coronary arteries, which is why speedy remedy was required. In flip, George has additionally developed an an infection within the post-operative interval. The mixture of those well being points with sort 2 diabetes has considerably affected the general well being standing of this particular person. As a outcome, a mixture of completely different drugs was prescribed to the affected person with the intention to enhance George’s well-being.

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Based on the treatment chart, the affected person ought to take ache relievers, resembling aspirin, drugs decreasing blood sugar ranges, resembling metformin, and drugs treating coronary heart failure, resembling ramipril. In this case, it’s important to keep away from the drug interplay, because it can lead to a substantial improve in uncomfortable side effects and worsening of the standard of the entire remedy. However, if drugs are mixed in an applicable method, George is anticipated to recuperate in a short while. Consequently, the evaluation of a medicine chart offers complete data concerning the standard of your entire remedy plan.

Analysis of Medications



As one of the vital frequent painkillers, aspirin could be included within the remedy of a wide range of well being points. Most regularly, healthcare suppliers prescribe this treatment to sufferers affected by complications, interval ache, and toothache. Moreover, it’s used to deal with colds and “flu-like” signs (1). However, within the case of a 57-year-old George, aspirin could be thought of an efficient analgesic for post-operative ache. At the current time, this treatment performs a vital position in facilitating a affected person’s restoration to regular operate.

Side results

If the particular person makes use of applicable doses of aspirin, uncomfortable side effects are unlikely to be observed. Nevertheless, some folks nonetheless expertise nausea, indigestion, in addition to abdomen or intestine irritation attributable to particular options of private well being. In addition, there are much less frequent uncomfortable side effects of utilizing aspirin, together with vomiting, bruising, abdomen bleeding, and worsening bronchial asthma signs. In some uncommon circumstances, the usage of this treatment is related to bleeding within the mind and kidney failure. If the affected person takes aspirin regularly, there’s a excessive probability of being affected by a hemorrhagic stroke.

Mechanism of Action

Even although this treatment has been broadly used because the starting of the previous century, its actual mode of motion grew to become recognized within the Nineteen Seventies. In truth, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine, resembling aspirin, considerably have an effect on the exercise of cyclooxygenase that causes irritation, swelling, ache, and fever (2). As a outcome, this treatment reveals an enormous variety of pharmacologic actions, together with analgesic, antipyretic, and antiplatelet properties.


Taking into consideration that integration of some medicine can significantly decrease the standard of remedy, it’s important to establish medicine which are prone to work together with aspirin. For occasion, it isn’t really useful to mix the usage of aspirin with anti-inflammatory painkillers, resembling diclofenac, ibuprofen, and naproxen. The mixture of those drugs can lead to abdomen bleeding and points related to coronary heart and blood vessels. Furthermore, aspirin shouldn’t be taken with antidepressants, warfarin, and methotrexate, as this combine could cause bleeding and the creation of poisonous parts.

Nursing Implications

Firstly, all nurses are required to consider the producer’s abstract of product traits and applicable native tips earlier than administering aspirin. Secondly, it’s essential to do not forget that a affected person’s ache ought to be assessed one hour earlier than or after treatment. Apart from this, nurses ought to monitor the renal and liver operate of sufferers who usually take aspirin. Finally, nursing practitioners are required to establish different drugs for attainable interactions.

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Metformin is the treatment that’s normally prescribed for sufferers who are suffering from sort 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Considering that George is recognized with this well being situation, metformin ought to be an integral a part of his remedy plan. Currently, this drug is perceived as an efficient software to decrease blood sugar ranges by enhancing the best way the physique handles insulin (3). For the most effective outcomes, it’s endorsed to mix this drug with wholesome vitamin and common train.

Side Effects

Despite the truth that this treatment is secure for the well being, it nonetheless can contribute to the event of some uncomfortable side effects. For instance, folks taking this drug can face bodily weak spot, diarrhea, hypoglycemia, and muscle ache. Also, some sufferers endure from nausea, vomiting, and dizziness brought on by metformin. It is crucial to notice that folks can expertise completely different uncomfortable side effects, which is why you will need to contact the healthcare supplier in case of any well being points.

Mechanism of Action

Even although this treatment is tremendously efficient within the context of glucose metabolism, its mechanism of motion has not been clearly recognized but. It is assumed that the alteration of the vitality metabolism of the cell is the primary precept providing metformin the chance to manage blood glucose ranges (4). As a metabolic inhibitor, this drug reduces the quantity of sugar by inhibiting hepatic gluconeogenesis.


From the attitude of interactions, metformin has no extreme drug interactions. However, with the intention to keep away from unfavorable results on the physique, it isn’t really useful to mix this treatment with anticancer medicine, resembling vandetanib, antimicrobial medicine, resembling cephalexin, in addition to alcohol and sure HIV drugs. In truth, the drugs listed above are prone to improve the physique’s ranges of lactic acid when taken with metformin. Therefore, it’s essential to debate these drug interactions with a physician to make sure they aren’t dangerous to the general well being.

Nursing Implications

Nurse practitioners ought to be conscious that it’s critical to manage doses of this treatment for every distinctive affected person with the aim of decreasing blood sugar ranges. In case the affected person takes an inappropriate dose of metformin, there’s a excessive probability of going through gastrointestinal complaints. In addition, this drug ought to be saved in a decent container in a chilly place. By the best way, sufferers recognized with renal issues are prone to expertise lactic acidosis when taking this drug, which is why they need to be prescribed different treatment.



This treatment is normally prescribed to sufferers who are suffering from hypertension and coronary heart failure. In truth, ramipril makes it simpler for the guts to pump blood across the physique. Hence, considering that George was recognized with coronary artery illness, he ought to take this drug regularly. Moreover, ramipril is helpful for the prevention of strokes, coronary heart assaults, and kidney issues.

Side Effects

This treatment is unlikely to trigger negative effects, though there are some circumstances when the usage of ramipril ends in uncomfortable side effects. Most regularly, sufferers expertise blurred imaginative and prescient, confusion, dizziness, and sweating. Furthermore, some sufferers endure from chest tightness, shortness of breath, and unexplained bleeding. In this case, this can be very necessary to debate the signs with a healthcare supplier who would have the ability to supply applicable medical assist.

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Mechanism of Action

As an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, this treatment has a substantial affect on the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. In different phrases, this drug contributes to the lower in aldosterone-induced congestion (5). Accordingly, sodium and water reabsorption reduces, thereby leading to a big decreasing of blood strain. In this manner, the possibilities of going through coronary heart failure lower as effectively. Subsequently, ramipril serves two important features in terms of enhancing a well being situation.


Ramipril is broadly recognized to work together with some drugs, which can lead to a rise of uncomfortable side effects or a worsened high quality of the best way the drug works. For instance, it isn’t really useful to mix ramipril with potassium dietary supplements, water capsules, temper stabilizer medicine, and ache relievers (6). In case this advice is ignored, the affected person is prone to battle with nausea, vomiting, and a rise within the ranges of lithium. At the identical time, the constructive impact of ramipril is anticipated to be minimized.

Nursing Implications

Nurse practitioners are suggested to watch the affected person’s blood strain 3-6 hours after taking this treatment, as it’s thought of the interval of peak effectiveness. Simultaneously, the nurse is required to teach sufferers on the position of this type of drug. In truth, it isn’t allowed to breastfeed whereas taking ramipril. Additionally, sufferers ought to be conscious that you will need to keep ample fluid consumption with the intention to decrease the possibilities of experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

Patient Fact Sheet About Metoprolol

At the current time, coronary heart illness is taken into account one of many primary causes of a big improve in mortality and morbidity charges throughout the entire world. In truth, practically 25% of all deaths within the US are brought on by this well being illness (7). In flip, coronary artery illness (CAD) is the most typical sort of this well being situation, which might result in coronary heart failure. Most regularly, CAD develops when the blood provide reduces, thereby ensuing within the lack of applicable oxygen and fewer vitamins. At the identical time, there may be a wide range of different sorts of coronary heart illness, together with congenital coronary heart defects, arrhythmia, dilated cardiomyopathy, and myocardial infarction (8). Each illness ought to be handled with the assistance of high-quality drugs together with wholesome vitamin and train. When it involves treatment, there are quite a few choices that may be prescribed by the healthcare supplier based mostly on particular options of the affected person’s well being. For occasion, as a beta-blocker, metoprolol is broadly used with the aim of accelerating the survival of sufferers recognized with numerous sorts of coronary heart illness, together with CAD.

Role of Metoprolol

Even although metoprolol is normally used to deal with hypertension, this treatment can also be efficient in terms of the remedy of CAD. In truth, it improves the well-being of sufferers by enjoyable blood vessels and slowing coronary heart charge (9). Presently, this drug comes as a standard pill and an extended-release pill. The majority of physicians advocate taking this treatment whereas consuming meals. At the identical time, there may be nonetheless a probability that uncomfortable side effects may happen attributable to metoprolol. For occasion, some sufferers taking this treatment spotlight that they expertise dizziness, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, and runny nostril (10). In this case, it’s important to contact a physician who would have the ability to supply various treatment choices.

It is really useful to speak to the medical employee earlier than taking this treatment with the intention to establish if the particular person may be allergic to the parts of this drug. Moreover, you will need to share your entire medical historical past with the doctor to supply this particular person the chance to evaluate the benefits and downsides of prescribing metoprolol. It is just not advisable to mix this treatment with fingolimod, lumefantrine, and propafenone, as these drug interactions are prone to decrease the standard of the entire remedy. If CAD is ignored, it can lead to a substantial coronary heart muscle weak spot that may additionally result in coronary heart failure (11). Therefore, remedy of CAD ought to be based mostly on a mixture of way of life interventions, drugs, and common counseling that’s useful for relieving stress and enhancing psychological well being.

How is it Abused?

At the current time, metoprolol could be abused intravenously or orally within the type of tablets with the next strengths: 25 mg, 37.5 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg (12). depends upon the aim of remedy and particular options of the affected person’s well being. Most regularly, sufferers are really useful to take from 100 to 450 mg of this treatment orally per day. In flip, doses above 450 mg are prone to trigger uncomfortable side effects.

What is its Effect on the Mind?

In circumstances really useful doses should not elevated, no impact on the qualitative features of the mind is anticipated to be observed. However, if this treatment is overused, the particular person can endure from the decreased initiative, a depressed way of thinking, and disturbed sleep. Moreover, this drug has a substantial affect on the event of melancholy, psychological confusion, and short-term reminiscence loss (13). Therefore, it’s essential to comply with all suggestions supplied by the healthcare supplier in terms of doses of metoprolol.

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What is its Effect on the Body?

It is crucial to notice that metoprolol has a big affect on the response to nerve impulses. In order phrases, this treatment makes the guts beats slower and reduces blood strain. Nevertheless, along with the constructive affect of this drug on the physique, there are some unfavorable results as effectively. The majority of sufferers taking metoprolol expertise drowsiness and dizziness, which is why it isn’t really useful to drive whereas taking this treatment.

What are its Overdose Effects?

In case the particular person takes a excessive quantity of metoprolol, they will overdose. Usually, the primary signs of overdosing by this drug are gradual heartbeats, shortness of breath, bluish-colored fingernails, and fainting (14). There is not any clear data concerning the quantity of treatment that ought to be taken to overdose, because it depends upon particular options of every particular person’s well being. If the signs listed above are observed, you will need to ask for medical assist.

What is its Legal Status within the United States?

In the United States, this treatment is assessed as a prescription-only drug within the beta-blocker class, which could be taken by people who are suffering from hypertension and coronary heart illness (15). Discovered in 1969, metoprolol is taken into account an efficient FDA-approved drug.


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