Andrew Johnson’s Presidency and Impeachment Essay (Critical Writing)

From Our Archives: A New Look on the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson is an article by Michael Les Benedict that focuses on the impeachment of a former president of the United States. The writer specifies that the article solely covers the occasions resulting in the impeachment because of the restricted house. To present an intensive chronology of Andrew Johnson’s presidency and guarantee an correct description and evaluation of his actions, the writer affords 4 separate segments of the article. The article was written within the gentle of reawakened curiosity within the president’s impeachment and coated the story of Andrew Johnson’s presidency, his impeachment, and its relation to the Republican celebration.

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In the primary section of the article, the writer depicts the actions of conservative and radical Republicans in direction of Johnson. According to the writer, the unconventional Republicans made a number of makes an attempt to institute impeachment proceedings towards Johnson, however their conservative colleagues thwarted their plans. The writer emphasizes that regardless of broadly unfold opinion on Republican congressmen’s eagerness for revenge upon the president, nearly all of them hardly displayed it and tried to squelch the radicals’ strategy.

The writer devoted the second section to the evaluation of the English impeachments and in contrast them to the radicals’ interpretation of impeachable offenses. In this section, the article offers a beneficial rationalization of the radicals’ understanding of the Constitution and its flaws and defines the hazard and penalties of “power abuse” (Les Benedict, 499). Further within the section, the writer lists how Johnson’s actions inspired former confederates and the disastrous penalties his actions had on Southern loyalists and black individuals.

The subsequent section of the article covers the chronology of Johnson’s actions with the concentrate on the occasion of winter of 1867-68. The writer factors how at the moment, the president’s govt implementations “nullified” congressional laws (Les Benedict, 504). Les Benedict notes on the contradiction in Johnson’s actions as none of his actions taken individually violated the regulation, however they had been part of a aware and decided program. The article depicts the unconventional Republicans’ anger from the injustice of ultimate failure and emphasizes how the radicals mentioned making a separate radical congressional celebration group simply two days after the vote.

Lastly, the ultimate section of the article covers the remainder of Johnson’s presidency and his actions, which, in line with the writer, grew to become much more aggressive after the specter of impeachment was gone. The article lists all of the doable outcomes and risks that Johnson and his offensive introduced to Republicans. The writer factors that Johnson’s impeachment was the final measure that would assist to defend the constitutional prerogatives of Congress. Moreover, the writer offers spectacular metaphors of how the presidential aggression pushed the lads towards the wall and compelled them to take a stand, and the Congress had to decide on between themselves and President Johnsons.

In conclusion, the article covers the occasions previous President Johnson’s impeachment and offers a major affect on the prevailing physique of information as a part of the article focuses on the unconventional Republicans’ response to Johnson’s actions. The writer focuses extra on the Republicans’ viewpoint on Johnson’s presidency to handle current stereotypes about Republican’s relation to Johnson. The article offers a exceptional rationalization of radical Republicans’ considerations in regards to the free definitions of roles of Congress and president and the hazard that Johnson and his presidency posed for racial equality.

Work Cited

Benedict, Michael Les. “From Our Archives: A New Look at the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.” Political Science Quarterly, vol. 113, no. 3, 1998, pp. 493–511.

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