Arterial Hypertension Treatment Using Diuretics Essay (Article)

Arterial hypertension is among the most typical ailments of the cardiovascular system. The must fight hypertension is because of the truth that it is among the main causes of incapacity and mortality. Currently, diuretics have firmly taken their place within the remedy of arterial hypertension. The effectiveness of this technique of treating the illness is offered within the article by Sundeep, “Diuretics in primary hypertension – Reloaded.”

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Nowadays, the necessity for long-term and even lifelong drug remedy for arterial hypertension is essential. Mills (2020) emphasised that “hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and premature death worldwide” (p. 223). Among the prevailing ailments of the cardiovascular system, hypertension has essentially the most vital variety of remedy medication and essentially the most troublesome selection of a selected drug for a person affected person. It is value noting that curiosity in diuretic medication has weakened, maybe as a result of look of more practical medication (Sundeep, 2016). Another purpose is the attainable lack of tolerability and unwanted effects when utilizing excessive dosages.

In the article, the creator examines the issues in utilizing diuretic remedy, decreasing the mortality price when doses are elevated, and whether or not all diuretics have the identical impact in remedy. Thus, in accordance with Sundeep (2016), diuretics in low doses, particularly thiazide medication, are safer however don’t profit from mortality proven when taking excessive doses. Indapamide and chlorthalidone in low doses have fewer unwanted effects however proceed to be the primary reason behind dying amongst sufferers.

Therefore, the constructive expertise of utilizing diuretics within the remedy of hypertension is related to the security of remedy, which means a minimal of unwanted effects and the supply of those medication. In addition, they’re medicines which have demonstrated a dependable and gradual lower in blood stress and cardiovascular penalties. However, it’s famous that the usage of diuretics in low doses remains to be not used sufficient.


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