Constructionist View on the Overrepresentation of Minorities within the Prison System Research Paper

The concern of mass incarceration has been topical within the United States for a substantial interval. However, inside this context, one other social downside is noticed, which consists of the elevated prevalence of individuals of coloration in American prisons. This phenomenon of minority overrepresentation within the present system has change into an space of intense curiosity for researchers throughout the nation. Evidently, the difficulty exists in robust relation to the heated debates surrounding race and discrimination in modern society. From a constructionist perspective, the associated issues stem from social constructs deeply engraved within the mindsets of the individuals. In different phrases, these detrimental tendencies haven’t any goal grounds enabled by nature. Instead, sure social teams are stigmatized and ascribed exaggerated traits that aren’t associated to the precise fact. On an institutional degree, the prevalence of subjective judgments entails a severe case of prejudices that enhance the chance of incarceration for the discriminated teams whereas asserting the privileges of others. This paper discusses the overrepresentation of minorities within the United States jail system by way of the prism of the constructionist idea and the precept of labeling.

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By the twenty first century, the extent of public consciousness in regard to urgent social points has been on a secure enhance. As a end result, such issues as social justice and equality have shaped an space of intense curiosity for researchers. More particularly, varied fashions have been designed in an try to elucidate the profound processes that entail social disparities. According to Hochman (2017), the constructionist strategy focuses on the problems of race and associated issues. This idea means that the very idea of race is non-existent in nature, making it a purely social assemble. Furthermore, Hochman (2017) argues that “there are no races, only racialized groups” (p. 61). From a constructionist perspective, racialization turns into a manifestation of subjectivism in social relations. In different phrases, it doesn’t have any goal dimension, remaining a product of maximum bias. In truth, the concept behind the social constructionism idea means that the general public’s notion of race is formed by varied points of tradition and historical past. Accordingly, biases are created not by actuality however slightly by way of the subjective notion of it.

This detrimental tendency reveals itself throughout varied ranges and contexts. For instance, this subjectivism permeates social relations on a person degree, poisoning even mundane interactions. However, the hostile influence of subjective bias extends additional, encompassing institutional and systemic ranges, as properly. McCarter (2018) observes appreciable racial disparities throughout the felony justice of the United States. According to varied statistics, individuals of coloration are extremely overrepresented in American prisons. This data implies that tens of millions of individuals face an elevated chance of incarceration despite the fact that their privileged counterparts might have a distinct destiny underneath related circumstances.

In this context, society has grown to affiliate sure racial options with hazard and felony actions. The constructionist view confirms that these biases have little to do with objectivity, thus turning into ungrounded prejudices. Spoken otherwise, the felony justice system depends on the restricted subjective expertise and racialized notion of crime. This scenario represents a case of damaging labeling, that means that individuals of coloration are anticipated to be concerned with felony actions by default. As a end result, the system continues to see hundreds of circumstances of wrongful incarceration of individuals of coloration mixed with lenience towards white criminals.

Ultimately, the constructionist idea offers perception into the origins of the statistically implausible minority overrepresentation within the United States. Limited expertise of the general public has created a racialized notion of crime by extrapolating impartial circumstances to your entire inhabitants. In this case, labeling consists of a biased perspective, because the subjective expertise prompts the system to view individuals of coloration as responsible and white individuals as harmless by default. While initially, these views are formed by subjectivity, they permeate the fact of the twenty first century, leading to severe disparities on an institutional degree. Overall, a greater understanding of the constructivist place and different social theories will inform higher, extra equal observe sooner or later.


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