“COVID-19 and WHO”: Article Analysis Essay (Critical Writing)

Thesis, most important arguments and debatable points


The paper by Agartan et al. (2020) seeks to review the perceptions of the Covid-19 risk in relation to a change within the dynamics of worldwide relationships. According to the authors, with the rise within the ranges of political tensions within the worldwide enviornment, the criticism of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) makes an attempt at regulating the problem and finding out the character of the issue have elevated.

However, Agartan et al. (2020) assert that the required consequence signifies the modifications in multilateralism reasonably than the alterations within the notion of WHO itself.
The most important arguments that the authors current to assist their assertion embrace the present tendencies within the international GSP perspective, in addition to the main modifications occurring inside the international political surroundings. These embrace the rising rigidity between China and the U.S., in addition to China and Europe, and the ensuing shift within the function that the WHO performs in assessing the phenomenon of the coronavirus (Agartan et al., 2020). Moreover, the authors cite the research that emphasize the worldwide management function that WHO is presently taking part in.

In flip, the authors provide a number of concepts that could possibly be perceived as debatable by some readers. For instance, the selection to border the issue beneath evaluation as that considered one of duality may trigger sure misunderstandings. Namely, the perceptions of Covid-19 and the WHO because the group that’s presently searching for to handle the worldwide disaster are largely outlined by cultural and social components. Specifically, the extent of the goal inhabitants’s schooling and consciousness, in addition to their notion of actuality, outline their attitudes towards the WHO and its actions.

Main arguments

The arguments that Agartan et al. (2020) provide embrace the out there details about the latest actions of the U.S. administration and the Chinese authorities. Similarly, consideration relating to the criticism of WHO, which has been circulating within the media just lately, is taken into account. Mainly, the research addressing the topic at hand have been consulted in Agartan et al.’s (2020) paper, though different items of proof are additionally current.; Specifically, the studies regarding the actions of the U.S. and Chinese state administrations are referred to within the article when contemplating the primary components affecting the shift within the notion of WHO and its work. Furthermore, the function of the Forum, which represents the collaboration of a number of students and sees to handle among the present international points, together with the coronavirus, is represented because the supply of crucial proof (Agartan et al., 2020). The specified perspective permits embracing the issue in its entirety and develops a transparent grasp on the topic at hand.

Debatable points

However, among the conclusions that Agartan et al. (2020)make are fairly contentious. For occasion, the authors of the article emphasize the necessity to body the argument from the attitude of dualism. Namely, Agartan et al. (2020) posit that the stress noticed in relation to WHO must be thought-about solely as both a reproach towards it or the unquestionable acknowledgement of WHO’s authority. Instead, a extra crucial and neutral perspective appears to be legit.

Personal evaluation and opinions

From a private perspective, the present stance on the modifications within the attitudes towards WHO should be constructed on far more crucial grounds. Specifically, the notion of WHO’s work must be neutral. By acknowledging the benefit of WHO’s work, the exterior components that have an effect on its work, together with political, monetary, and financial ones, and the rising function in collaboration, one will have the ability to develop a powerful framework for managing worldwide tensions and eradicating the specter of the coronavirus.

My questions for additional inquiry: My questions for additional inquiry

1. Should the notion of WHO’s work be rooted in a twin framework?
2. What components have an effect on the work of WHO?
3. How can individuals’s attitudes towards WHO and its actions be formed?


Agartan, T. I., Cook, S., & Lin, V. (2020). COVID-19 and WHO: Global establishments within the context of shifting multilateral and regional dynamics. Global Social Policy, 20(3) 367–373. Web.

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