Criminal Justice Standards for the Defense Function Presentation

Defense Counsel

The essential job is to guard the shoppers and their constitutional rights all through the trial course of.

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Adequate safety of suspects in court docket requires protection counsel to totally examine all points of the case, analyze it, and predict the probably outcomes.

In court docket, defenders can discover proof by way of discovery, communicate with witnesses of the crime, and file pretrial motions.

Obtaining proof by way of discovery is the method of exchanging obtainable proof and witness info between the events represented in court docket (Criminal justice requirements, 2017).

Interviewing witnesses is the method of speaking and asking inquiries to an individual who could know any details about the circumstances affecting the consideration and backbone of a case.

Filing pretrial motions. Defense attorneys use preliminary motions to resolve particular points earlier than the trial.

A suspect’s proper ought to be represented by a protection lawyer in any respect phases of the US felony course of, and it’s a constitutional precept enshrined within the US Constitution and several other different legal guidelines. Without the help of a lawyer, the suspect, resulting from lack of adequate information and abilities, is unable to conduct his or her protection on the correct degree. The suspect could rent protection counsel, or, if she or he is unable to take action, be supplied by the State. Such a lawyer’s essential job is to guard the shoppers and their constitutional rights all through the method.

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To fulfill their major operate of defending the rights of shoppers, protection attorneys set up trusting relationships with them. All info acquired is protected by authorized secrecy and can’t be disclosed underneath strain from different events. At the identical time, defenders mustn’t overlook that they aren’t solely representatives of their shoppers, but additionally the court docket, and their essential aim is justice. In the method of speaking with suspects, protection attorneys advise them and assist them perceive their capabilities in present conditions.

Obtaining proof by way of discovery will be testimony knowledge underneath oath, varied paperwork affecting the case, and others. Evidence by way of discovery will be obtained not solely by way of the change but additionally by way of a subpoena or movement.

Interviewing witnesses. In the US felony trial, testimony is the first supply of proof. The causes for this are their capability to indicate the image of the crime most absolutely. Moreover, usually different varieties of proof are launched into the case by way of the testimony. Sometimes the court docket is pressured to exchange documentary or materials proof with witnesses’ phrases because of the impossibility of submitting different proof. A protection lawyer in court docket could interview a witness with the required professionalism and respect for the interviewee and his/her rights.

Filing pretrial motions. They have a major affect on the course of the trial and the case itself. Motions could also be filed if there’s inadequate proof, and counsel could request the dismissal of the fees. This technique will also be used if the proof to be offered in court docket is obtained illegally, for instance, by looking out with out grounds. Another instance of utilizing movement is whether it is mandatory to alter the trial’s place resulting from its publicity and menace to the suspect.

Peggy Hettrick Case

  • Represent and shield the rights of suspect Timothy Masters.
  • Motion concerning the insufficiency of knives assortment and writing as proof.
  • Search of witnesses.
  • Links to the second suspect.

In the case of Peggy Hettrick, protection counsel must signify and shield the rights of suspect Timothy Masters. Since among the many grounds for his arrest have been a pastime within the type of amassing knives and writing merciless tales, the protection lawyer may file a movement concerning the insufficiency of this proof and the requirement to not use them in court docket. To acquire proof by way of the opening and interrogation of witnesses, it was important to seek out those that may inform concerning the second suspect. Since he had beforehand been arrested, law enforcement officials may give testimonies. Moreover, the protection’s job is to seek out witnesses prepared to speak about Timothy, his conduct, and his character. Thus, for the Peggy Hettrick case, the protection lawyer can use varied strategies to guard Mr. Masters’ rights.


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