Development in Crisis: Adolescent Sibling Bereavement Term Paper

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Application of Erikson’s Theory: Becca’s Case
  3. Lack of identification and its influence on later life
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

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Adolescence is a crucial stage in human improvement. Erikson captures the character of this stage in his principle on psychosocial improvement. According to him, people undergo eight phases of improvement. Each stage comes with a set of conflicts that one has to handle with a purpose to alter within the subsequent stage (Ryckman, 2012). Adolescence marks the fifth stage of this course of. Individuals at this stage undergo the method of self-discovery. The fifth stage summarizes the method of growing particular person identification in response to private evaluation and inclinations. The disaster at this stage is identification versus position confusion. Individuals who alter nicely throughout this stage acquire the appropriate identification and find yourself main productive lives. On the opposite, individuals who can not alter nicely throughout this stage find yourself in a state of confusion (Ryckman, 2012; Goldblat, 2011). Failure to get the appropriate identification outcomes into a personality that destabilizes the later phases and roles in life.

Application of Erikson’s Theory: Becca’s Case

Adolescence is a stage that comes with heightened vulnerability about oneself. In essence, most adolescents develop their identification on the idea of what others say in relation to previous implications. Other sources of identification come from societal affirmations and the prevailing tendencies inside the media (Goldblat, 2011).

Becca’s case is a mirrored image of the challenges that adolescents undergo in the middle of life. For occasion, Joseph’s suicide is a sign of underlying challenges that adolescents face in life. Due to the necessity of asserting their maturity, most of them decide to not focus on a few of these points. As a consequence, they find yourself taking their lives. Joseph’s demise is an enormous blow to Becca, who was at one time having fun with her teenage life. Becca finds herself assuming roles with the goal of coping with the demise of her brother. Becca feels chargeable for not taking enough measures to assist her brother cope with the bullying points at college. Even although they had been shut, Becca selected to assist her brother by advocating measures that had been unsuccessful. Due to this, Becca finds it tough to deal with her brother’s demise.

As the adolescent stage ends, the person begins to make important life commitments. Some of those commitments embrace occupational decisions, sexual roles, improvement of spiritual ideology and taking positions concerning political beliefs. These commitments are topic to modifications that come later in life. At seventeen years of age, Becca depicts a mature adolescent who’s going by means of the motions of adolescence in a proper method. She appears to be a mature teenager who is aware of what she desires in life. She has mature relationships along with her friends and fogeys (Goldblat, 2011). However, the sudden demise of her brother brings to the fore a set of emotional challenges.

First, the demise of her brother brings with it a way of transformation that forces Becca to guage her values and needs. She finds it essential to regulate her needs to match her guardian’s needs. (Ryckman, 2012). All over sudden, Becca assumes a really mature position of serving to her mother and father to deal with the emotional lack of their son(Goldblat, 2011). Her tutorial efficiency displays the extent of maturity. To the delight of her academics, Becca immediately turns into a accountable particular person and dramatically strikes from C’s to A’s. In essence, the guilt surrounding her brother’s demise forces Becca to attempt to make it up for her mother and father. Becca assumes the accountability of guaranteeing that her mother and father don’t endure any extra ache (Goldblat, 2011). Even although she receives reward from her mother and father, friends and academics, Becca will not be as comfortable as she was once. She feels that the demise of her brother took away her identification and happiness. Erikson’s theoretical mannequin posits that people should be taught to deal with or deal with the calls for of their stage with a purpose to lead a satisfying later life (Goldblat, 2011). Failure to do that ends in a set of challenges that include the dearth of adjustment (Ryckman, 2012; Goldblat, 2011). Becca’s habits and transformation might have a destructive influence in her life. From the previous occasions, it’s fairly evident that she will not be comfortable. As an adolescent, she is dealing with greater than her age can enable. As such, that is growing right into a destructive cycle that may make Becca to lose her identification.

Becca’s determination to not attend neighborhood faculty provides a sign of the willingness to not pursue her excellent desires. Such a state breeds confusion as Becca would possibly finally lose the worth of real identification. The want to satisfy her guardian’s needs forces her to outline her private that means on the flexibility to maintain issues at bay (Goldblat, 2011). She is continually feeling that what she is doing will not be sufficient due to the internal guilt that she remains to be harboring. The sense of reaching a transparent identification is on the mercy of appeasing her mother and father. As a consequence, Becca will turn out to be confused since she won’t be able to know her position absolutely.

Lack of identification and its influence on later life

Carving out the appropriate identification when it comes to applicable private analysis is crucial to main a well-adjusted life. According to Erikson, the method of private analysis and creation of that identification is an ongoing course of (Ryckman, 2012). Individuals who create the appropriate framework on the adolescent stage improve the probabilities of growing efficient approaches in coping with crises in later life. The improvement of identification in Becca’s case will not be wholesome (Goldblat, 2011). The principal reason behind her present state of life is due to the incoherent notion life between her private needs and the need to satisfy her guardian’s needs.

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These inconsistencies may have a significant influence on the character of relationships that she is more likely to kind later in life. Lack of the flexibility to kind applicable relationships will intrude with the subsequent stage, intimacy versus isolation. It is essential to notice that a person can’t be intimate when one lacks the flexibility to outline the private beliefs. The confusion that ensues will have an effect on her complete outlook of life and consequently incapacitate Becca from reaching her utmost life needs (Goldblat, 2011).


According to Erikson, identification is crucial for the belief of targets later in life. One can not dwell an optimum life with out having the appropriate description of self. In essence, correct self-description is essential in terms of growing significant social relations and adjusting to life’s conditions. Furthermore, it permits a person to place oneself consistent with their private strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, it will create the appropriate framework for dealing with later phases of life.


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