Deviance: Negative and Positive Consequences Coursework


Sociologists outline deviance because the violation of social norms (Henslin, 2012). Societies uphold social requirements or cultural values (behaviors) often called social norms. Those norms fluctuate from one society to a different. This implies that deviant habits in a single society could also be thought of regular in one other society. Therefore, when people select to go in opposition to or stray from social norms, they’re mentioned to have dedicated deviance. Such people are known as deviants. For instance, rejecting to observe traditions, non secular beliefs, or formal guidelines end in deviance.

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According to Henslin (2012), individuals affiliate deviance with crime and criminals, which isn’t essentially true. This is so as a result of the deviant is likely to be proper whereas the society is improper. For instance, Galileo, the famend scientist, claimed that the earth revolved across the solar and never the opposite approach spherical. This precept contradicted the teachings of the Catholic Church. As a end result, he was thought of a deviant, and the Roman Catholic Church compelled him to denounce his beliefs to keep away from torture. Later, it was found that his declare was certainly proper. In addition, Jesus, the Christ, claimed that he was the Son of God. Moreover, he claimed equality of God which puzzled the Jewish non secular leaders and the Pharisees of his time. Of course, he was proper, however the society of the Pharisees charged him with blasphemy. Last however not least, homicide, suicide, and theft will be thought of deviant behaviors (Henslin, 2012).

Pros and Cons of Deviance

Deviance has each constructive and damaging impacts on society. For occasion, it results in affirmation, adjustment, and reaffirmation of societal norms. This is helpful in conditions the place persons are keen on breaking cultural values. It additionally results in clarification of ethical boundaries as people train social management in protection of their norms. It builds societal unity and encourages social change such because the civil rights motion and civil disobedience (Henslin, 2012). Moreover, deviant actions similar to riots trigger social reforms, and improvements and innovations. Henslin (2012) argues that information growth happens inside the society when some people determine to violate sure beliefs and practices that hinder growth. For instance, in most African societies, educating the lady youngster was in opposition to societal norms. However, when some people determined to defy this norm, change started to happen in lots of societies till these days some ladies are scientists and others innovators.

On the opposite hand, deviance results in mistrust. It erodes belief when people don’t get what they count on to occur. This leads to suspicion that spreads throughout society. It encourages different society members to misbehave if it’s not corrected. In addition, it’s costly as a result of it encourages individuals to divert their financial sources into practices that will not be useful. Deviant behaviors similar to prostitution, drug abuse, and protests devour beneficial time that the police would use to take care of extra severe points (Henslin, 2012). Finally, authorized deviance could result in incarceration which can be a everlasting consequence to the deviant.

Are Urban Street Gangs Deviant?

No. Urban avenue gangs should not inherently deviant. However, nearly all of Americans see them as deviants. From a sociological perspective, not all gangs violate social norms or bask in felony actions. Thus, the road gang isn’t a set of deviants, however a company of people with values and targets to realize in society. In the US society, socio-economic situations have stored on altering and changing into worse for low-income earners. Therefore, avenue gangs exist in society to form it or convey societal balances.


Henslin, J. M. (2012). Sociology A Down to Earth Approach (thirteenth ed.). Boston: Pearson.

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