Elections in Japan and China Research Paper

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Independence in Japan and China
  3. Elections in Japan
  4. China
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

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The industrial revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries reworked nations and empowered people to hunt equality, justice, and freedom from oppression. People realized the necessity to set up establishments that can safeguard their pursuits and promote the event of financial, political, and social buildings. Democracy turned a actuality and dictators began to comprehend the necessity to respect the rights of different individuals. It is important to elucidate that individuals died and the property was destroyed through the battle for independence in most nations. Therefore, individuals benefit from the freedom of democracy, though most of them have no idea what their forefathers skilled to make their international locations impartial. Colonialism, illiteracy, poverty, and ailments are a few of the obstacles that hindered the attainment of freedom in most nations. This analysis paper compares numerous points surrounding elections in Japan and China.

Independence in Japan and China

Japan is revered by many countries as a result of it has by no means been beneath any colony. Other nations have been colonized for various durations, however Japan maintained its sovereignty and independence for a few years. History explains that the closest this nation got here to being colonized was through the Second World War when the United States needed to regulate it (Thies 2010). However, the colonizers managed to occupy the island of Okinawa for twenty years. The historical past of Japan dates again to the 18th century when it had already united and shaped a central authorities. It is essential to elucidate that the truth that Japan was by no means colonized doesn’t imply that it didn’t expertise conflicts. The Mongols tried to invade Japan a number of occasions, however this authorities was robust and defeated its attackers (Grofman 2009). It is essential to elucidate that unity among the many Japanese, availability of funds, and a robust political and civil consciousness enabled Japan to stay free of out of doors authorities. Europeans have been welcome in Japan through the 16th century, however their affect on the locals was restricted. In addition, contact with the skin world was reduce for 2 centuries when Tokugawa Shogunate united the Japanese and ensured their tradition was not interfered with by the western world (Thies 2010). The modernization program launched in Japan through the 19th century enabled this nation to defeat Russia within the First World War. However, Japan made a mistake by venturing right into a mission of securing assets and the introduction of imperialism in its management that made it go to struggle with China and America. This weakened its army and monetary assets and made this authorities cede a part of its island to the United States. The Japanese remained united and centered on the necessity to develop their economic system, strengthen their political establishments and defend the cultural pursuits of the locals (Kinston 2012).

On the opposite hand, the historical past of China could be very sophisticated as a result of this nation was initially a kingdom dominated by a number of leaders (Diamond 2009). However, the China of right this moment acquired independence in 1949 after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 however earlier than this, it had been dominated for greater than 2000 years by warlords and overseas powers. The defeat of the Chinese Nationalist Party in 1928 marked the start of Taiwan’s cessation from China. This nation has skilled numerous political, army, and financial missteps which have uncovered it to its enemies (He 2008). This explains why China has suffered numerous financial and political setbacks and managed to be an impartial state not too long ago when different nations had already grow to be sovereign. The most unusual facet about China is that it concerned its cultural practices in politics to make sure it maintained its custom. This explains why this nation continues to boast of a wealthy conventional heritage regardless of its investments in trendy know-how.

Elections in Japan

The election system in Japan operates like that of different nations, though there could also be some minor variations. There are three elections in Japan they usually embody filling workplaces for the prime minister, members of the House of Representatives, and House of Councilors (Thies 2010). The National Diet is answerable for electing the prime minister, which is often held when the cupboard resigned or is dissolved and when the seat falls vacant. It is important to elucidate that the cupboard should resign as one after the election of members of the House of Representatives. In addition, the National Diet can elect a main minister when the incumbent is incapacitated or when this home just isn’t dissolved by a vote of no-confidence (Grofman 2009). Both homes should vote in two-round elections to elect the workplace bearer; nevertheless, the votes of members of the House of Representatives are very influential, and even when there’s a tie the prime minister-designate would be the candidate of this home. The office-bearer should be ceremonially appointed by the Emperor of Japan; subsequently, he doesn’t have the ability to nominate a main minister however settle for the provide made by the National Diet (Kinston 2012). Therefore, the prime minister of Japan should all the time be on good phrases with members of the House of Representatives as a result of they decide his workplace life.

General elections in Japan are triggered by the next occasions. First, Japan conducts normal elections after each 4 years and it is a constitutional requirement that should be revered by leaders and civilians. This signifies that political leaders should put together to vacate their workplaces after each 4 years and search a contemporary mandate from the voters. In addition, normal elections could be performed when members of the House of Representatives resign because of long-term sickness or private preferences. This offers the electoral physique 90 days to conduct contemporary elections whereas the seat of the prime minister stays vacant till when the outcomes of the brand new elections are introduced and the workplace bearer is sworn in. The dissolution of the decrease home (House of Representatives) may also set off normal elections to elect members to those workplaces as a result of they’re authorities representatives on the native ranges

The normal election is held after each 4 years and this entails voting for the members of the House of Representatives. These elections additionally contain voting for regional representatives (480) that play essential roles within the laws of insurance policies, funds planning, and guaranteeing that the structure is carried out. However, when a member of the House of Representatives dies, resigns, or is expelled from his workplace the area the person represents will conduct by-elections to switch the chief. This is not going to have an effect on comparable positions held by different individuals in numerous areas (Grofman 2009). Lastly, the prime minister could also be compelled to step down if there’s enough proof to show that the person has violated the structure past a specified threshold. This could also be adopted by felony prosecution relying on the gravity of the crimes dedicated; subsequently, the president of this nation just isn’t above the legislation.

Secondly, the Japanese vote for 242 members to the House of Councilors, and these elections are held after each three years. These workplace bearers can serve for a most interval of two phrases (six years) (Thies 2010). However, not all members of this home are elected by residents as a result of the structure permits them to fill half of the seats accessible on this home. This election is proportional as a result of it ensures voters can vote for his or her most well-liked events and candidates. These votes are essential as a result of they decide how candidates are ranked on the get together listing and this impacts different positions these members could also be appointed to sooner or later (De Mente 2009).

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It is important to elucidate that these two chambers from the National Diet play an essential function in electing the prime minister. However, elections of members of those homes are usually not performed on the identical time as a result of most members within the House of Representatives are often appointed for ministerial positions. In addition, this home is often dissolved earlier than the top of its four-year time period to permit the electoral physique to provide these members time to elect the prime minister instantly after the election interval begins formally. Japan permits its residents to arrange for by-elections in April and October in case a seat in any of those homes turns into vacant. On the opposite hand, members that come second in common elections often fill vacant proportional seats within the House of Representatives and House of Councilors in the event that they lose their members inside three months after their election.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication established a division known as the Central Election Administration Committee that conducts and supervises elections in Japan (Grofman 2009). Anyone aged 20 years and above is eligible to vote in all elections besides the one for selecting the prime minister. Voters should have resided in Japan for not less than three months earlier than they’re allowed to vote. Those looking for to be elected members of the home of representatives should be aged 25 years and above whereas these looking for workplace in the home of councilors should be 30 years (De Mente 2009). Japan has been criticized for charging contenders some huge cash to run for political workplaces. For occasion, members that want to contest for single-seat constituencies pay 3 million Yen whereas these looking for proportional illustration.

Voting in nationwide and native elections is completed by writing the popular get together’s candidate’s identify on a clean piece of paper (poll paper) ready by the electoral physique (Kinston 2012). The election of members of the House of Representatives entails filling two slots within the poll paper to vote for a candidate (proportional illustration) and get together (district illustration). In the House of Councilors’ elections, voters have one vote though there are lots of candidates to be elected. On the opposite hand, voters should help their events within the get together listing within the proportional vote for the House of Councilors (Thies 2010). This has a major impression on the result of elections as a result of it exhibits which get together has many members in each homes. Japan launched digital voting in 2002 and this was efficiently accomplished in 2003 that noticed greater than 10 million individuals voting early.


This nation has a sophisticated electoral course of due to the necessity to protect conventional features that play essential function in governing this nation. Politics in China doesn’t appeal to an enormous following as a result of it’s largely managed by the Communist Party of China. Most critics argue that this nation remains to be a single-party state as a result of the Communist Party of China continues to win virtually all elections (He 2008). In addition, China’s elections are like a ladder and the votes solid at native ranges are essential in figuring out the result of the place held by members of higher homes. Elections on this nation are primarily based on hierarchical electoral programs the place members are immediately elected into workplace; furthermore, a decrease electoral workplace is answerable for electing its leaders (Fewsmith 2013). The electoral course of is structured in a manner that voters elect their leaders based on their jurisdictions. The National People’s Council elects the president and the state council as a result of its members come from completely different areas (Brown 2011).

It is important to elucidate that native elections are crucial in China as a result of they decide numerous features in larger workplaces. Direct elections are accomplished on the native ranges they usually embody congresses that aren’t divided into cities, districts, cities, and ethnic areas and this additionally consists of members of village committees (He 2008). If political leaders don’t play their roles based on the necessities of the structure could also be recalled by the voters and a contemporary election is performed. The communist get together of China performs a major function in nominating members for direct elections; furthermore, this function is open to different small events. All events are allowed to appoint their members and submit their names to the electoral committee that evaluates and approves those who qualify to be nominated (Diamond 2009).

Voting is often accomplished via secret poll and voters have the ability to recall an election in the event that they assume it has been marred by irregularities. Family and work items are the primary sources of eligible voters, however not till the lists are authorized by district electoral our bodies (Fewsmith 2013). These districts are the essential ranges of an voters physique they usually comprise 200-300 members. The fashions used to find out workplace holders embody direct nominations, elections, two ballots in three rounds, mass advice, public advice, and vote of confidence (He 2008). China doesn’t have an official opposition get together as a result of the Communist Party of China has overwhelming help and management over elections (Brown 2011). This signifies that though China is a multi-party state small political affiliations wouldn’t have the required energy to find out the result of elections. In addition, aspirants from small events depend on nominations from the Communist Party of China, and with out its help, their political goals will stay to be a piped dream.

The electoral system of China is completely different from that of Japan within the following methods. China is dominated by a president and his deputy whereas Japan is ruled by a main minister. The presence of hierarchies in China complicates election processes and makes them take a protracted interval (Diamond 2009). On the opposite hand, Japan has three electoral phases that contain the prime minister, the House of Representatives, and the House of Councilors (De Mente 2009). In addition, China respects conventional establishments and believes native leaders play important roles in figuring out the way forward for politics on this nation. On the opposite hand, Japan doesn’t place numerous emphasis on conventional ties and the function of native leaders in elections and authorities has disappeared.

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In addition, Japan’s elections don’t contain direct nominations that favor events and folks. This signifies that political aspirants should work onerous to show to the voters that they’re appropriate for numerous positions (Grofman 2009). On the opposite hand, China’s elections are decided by household backgrounds that play important roles in figuring out who turns into what in authorities. Therefore, it’s straightforward to conclude that there is no such thing as a democracy in China’s electoral processes.

Thirdly, China’s political scene doesn’t benefit being known as multi-party democracy due to the absence of a robust opposition get together (He 2008). The Communist Party of China has weakened establishments and insurance policies that might have promoted the emergence of a robust opposition get together (Brown 2011). It is ironic that members of opposition leaders depend on the ruling get together to appoint them for elections.

On the opposite hand, Japan doesn’t have a single ruling partly like China and this implies that there’s a lot of democratic area on this nation (De Mente 2009). People are allowed to vote for his or her most well-liked politicians and events and because of this there are equal possibilities for all political organizations to win seats in each homes. This exhibits that this nation has matured and respects the necessity to promote democracy in elections.


Japan and China have lengthy political histories and this makes them distinctive when it comes to governance and elections. Japan was by no means colonized whereas China has a historical past of dynasties, army, and conventional rulers. However, they each battle to widen their democratic areas to make sure their residents get pleasure from their freedoms. Both international locations proceed to spend money on trendy know-how, commerce, and politics and on the identical time defend their traditions from western cultures.


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