Exhibitionism Issues Treatments and Their Effects Essay (Article)

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The underlying points
  3. Treatments and their final result
  4. Conclusion
  5. Works Cited

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The exhibition refers back to the behavior of exposing your nudity to different folks, particularly strangers (Kasl). An individual exposes his/her personal components similar to breasts or genitalia, normally with no intention of getting any bodily relationship with the stranger. Some people solely fantasize about doing it and the fantasy provides them satisfaction. This paper will look into the underlying points behind exhibitionism and the assorted remedies out there and their results.

The underlying points

Exhibitionism has change into a standard habits in our current world however with various levels.This habits might be attributable to varied causes from “physical problems with the brain to chemical imbalances and traumatic experiences in childhood,” (Queen, Para. 1). People interact in exhibitionism due to psychiatric issues, which painting a scenario of chemical imbalances. Others do it as a result of they imagine that their spectators are dying to see them bare. “Several studies have shown that emotional abuse in childhood and family dysfunction are both significant risk factors in the development of exhibitionism,” (Frey, Para. 3). Also, a baby who by no means acquired consideration or confirmed hyperactivity dysfunction is extra prone to exhibit these tendencies.

Experts argue that males present extra tendencies of exhibitionism as in comparison with girls. This doesn’t imply that girls are much less affected, however these affected reply by partaking in additional socially acceptable habits to cowl up for his or her deficiencies. Some of these affected strive o struggle the impulse to not interact within the act, during which case it is going to solely stay a fantasy and subsequently nothing severe. Others nevertheless exhausting they fight to not do it, simply can’t management the impulse leading to a really severe situation that wants consideration.

Treatments and their final result

There are varied remedies for individuals who can’t management their impulse to interact in exhibitionism relying on the severity of the affected individual. It could come by attending remedy, treatment and even institutionalization.

Psychotherapy is among the therapeutical methods of treating the dysfunction. It entails cognitive behavioral remedy the place victims are helped to undertake a mind-set that’s totally different from the considering that makes them interact within the act. It additionally entails reconditioning of orgasm the place an individual now derives sexual stress from the accepted strategies apart from from the fantasy of exhibitionism. Group remedy additionally helps them get better from their very own denial and face the actual matter at hand. Doctors additionally prescribe couple or household remedy the place the person has been reduce out by the household due to his actions.

Medication is one other main approach of treating these sufferers. But it’s tough to inform how efficient the totally different medicine are. Some medicine include feminine hormones. “Medroxyprogesterone acetate, or MPA, is the most widely used hormonal medication in the U.S. for the treatment of people with exhibitionism,” (Frey, Para. 4). The impact of that is decreased testosterone within the physique. Other forms of medicines assist in lowering the quantity of serotonin within the mind growing the sufferer’s intercourse drive. Other strategies embrace electroshock aversion in addition to social talent coaching to assist the person develop abilities creating wholesome relationships.


Exhibitionism is a severe dysfunction however it’s tough to assist out the victims since they by no means come out within the open. Most of them solely attend remedy when courtroom orders have been issued towards them. The restoration of a person relies on the length that the individual has been partaking within the act and the much less the interval the better it’s for him to return out of it. So, these folks needs to be suggested to acquire assist as early as attainable. Those who’re entering into the act ought to know that when you begin, it’s exhausting so that you can cease and subsequently ought to search assist.

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