Exploring the Phenomenon of Serial Killing Essay (Critical Writing)

Serial killing is among the most baffling and tough crimes to elucidate. Several research have been carried out that attempt to decide the character and thought processes of criminals. There are a number of hypotheses that try to elucidate the components that inspire widespread folks in society to show into murderers. There are many articles which were written on the topic. This paper will evaluate Mathew Silke’s article “Exploring the Phenomenon Of Serial Killing from a Psychological Standpoint.” Additionally, it’ll tackle the contentious problems with serial killing based mostly on Silke’s article.

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Psychologists have proposed a number of causes that counsel how a serial killer thinks. According to Silke, many research search to find out whether or not serial killers are born or created by circumstances. Mathew Silke’s article “Exploring The Phenomenon Of Serial Killers From A Psychological Stand Point” makes an attempt to elucidate the rationale behind serial killing. It does this by posing the important thing query whether or not serial killers are born or made. The article claims that each the atmosphere and the individual’s experiences contribute to the event of serial killer tendencies. The expertise that an individual has throughout their early life enormously influences their societal interactions (Silkes, 2010).

The article clearly distinguishes between serial killing and murder. It notes that there are three kinds of homicides which contain a sequence of murders. These are termed as both: spree murders, mass murders or serial murders. According to this categorization, when three or extra victims are killed then it’s a mass homicide. However, a spree murderis distinguished from serial killing as committing greater than three murders randomly. Furthermore, it happens at completely different instances and places concurrently. Serial killing alternatively, refers to homicide that happens sequentially separated by both time or location. It has been famous that the dearth of continuity in serial killing is because of a short lived satisfaction that the killer obtains after committing the act (Silkes, 2010).

Ted Bundy, a well known serial killer, is alluded to within the article. He is used to replicate the considering and rationale of a serial killer. According to the Anne Rule, the creator of “The Stranger Beside Me” Ted Bundy was similar to every other individual. He is described as onerous working and affected person. He struggled to earn cash to attend regulation college. He is depicted as a humane and regular individual with the flexibility to deal with relationships. Rule provides a candid description of her relationship with the notorious Ted Bundy. She factors out that Ted Bundy had desires and aspirations. She additional claims that he was acharming, hardworking and devoted co-worker.

The article additional considers the psychological analysis that has been carried out in an try to grasp the thoughts of serial killers. The article considers analysis that was carried out by Zelda G. Knight. According to Knight’s analysis, serial killers are people who draw satisfaction from sexual murdering and are ‘pathological narcissists.’ The article additional considers the analysis methodology that entails putting the serial killers in typologies as a way of attempting to succeed in into their minds (Silkes, 2010).

Parents who mistreat their youngsters or neglect their tasks play a elementary position within the lifetime of an individual who finally ends up as a serial killer. The unconditioned and uncared for little one grows up with a variety of animosity. Such deep seated emotions will be manifested in murders and societal misdemeanors. These are the traits that may be developed unconsciously and at last function the driving power to commit homicide.

From the actions of the killer, the environmental components that decide whether or not an individual turns into a serial killer will be deduced. This viewpoint locations the blame of a serial killer’s actions on poor upbringing. Additionally, it’s instructed that serial killers undergo from a psychological dysfunction or retardation, which causes their brains to course of issues in another way and out of the norm. This concept visualizes serial killers as folks affected by extreme psychological issues and in want of remedial psychological treatment to appropriate it. In case this isn’t forthcoming, such folks might find yourself being serial killers.

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This article fills the void of unawareness amongst folks. It raises elementary questions, which if answered, would assist save many lives. The creator tries to know what drives a serial killer. Furthermore, the creator tries to hunt attainable options that can be utilized to cease a serial killer from committing additional crimes. Heavy consideration is positioned on whether or not the serial killing tendencies will be detected early in life. If such tendencies are detected early sufficient, then correct remedial measures will be undertaken appropriately (Silkes, 2010).

In conclusion, the controversy on whether or not serial killers are formed by their atmosphere, circumstances or are born remains to be open. This article has reviewed a criminal offense that has intrigued regulation enforcers, in addition to researchers. The expressions and views on this text are effectively defined and an eye fixed opener into the world of murderers and serial killers. However, it fails to reply the query: are serial killers made or born? In truth, on cautious research, extra questions are raised than answered. Most in all probability each play a major position. According to the creator, nevertheless, additional analysis is important to demystify the minds of serial killers.


Silkes, M (2010). Exploring the Phenomenon of Serial Killing from a Psychological Standpoint A Review of the Literature. NY: Cambridge University Press

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