Helicobacter Pylori: The Case Study Essay

Patient Information

The affected person initials are A. B. 59 years of age, male and of the African American race.

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Chief Complaint

“I have had rib and abdominal pain.”

History of Presenting Illness

The 59-year-old African American male offered with complaints of ribs and belly ache, in H. Pylori and is alert and oriented for the final 4 days. The Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) is characterised by fixed ache within the stomach. Patient was famous with hypertension, GERD, epigastric ache, malaise, and fatigue. Treatments offered included training and encouragement on the significance of hydration and relaxation for fatigue enchancment and for malaise.

Current Medications

  • Amoxicillin 500mg 1 pill by mouth twice each day for 10 days (H. Pylori).
  • Metronidazole 500mg 1 pill by mouth twice each day for 14 days (H. Pylori).
  • Administer Hep B, Tdap, and Shingrix vaccine(H.Pylori)
  • Hydrocholorthiazide at 25 mg as soon as each day (hypertension).
  • Clarythromycin 50 mg PO twice each day for 10 days (gastritis)


The affected person experiences no drug or meals allergic reactions.

Past Medical History

The affected person has a historical past of hypertension, epigastric ache and GERD. He is at present present process medicines to reverse these situations. His earlier hospitalization was as a result of elevated blood strain and GERD. However, he has no historical past of surgical procedure. The affected person’s immunization historical past isn’t updated with the Hep B, Tdap, and Shingrix vaccines indicated for remedy. As a baby, data point out that the affected person obtained Tetenus toxoid vaccine.

Social History

The affected person is a married man who lives along with his spouse and three youngsters, who’re all alive and wholesome. The affected person agrees to having been a sequence cigarette smoker and enjoys occasional alcohol consumption. He is a retired skilled driver who typically used mobile phone whereas driving. He additionally experiences tying his automotive seat belt every time he drives.

Family History

The affected person experiences a historical past of hypertension, kind 2 diabetes, and cancerous circumstances in his rapid family members.

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Review of Systems


  • Fatigue
  • Body malaise
  • Normal urge for food
  • Slight weight reduction.


  • Reports having no headache
  • Reports gentle headedness typically
  • Reports no imaginative and prescient issues
  • No listening to loss or ringing within the ears
  • No mouth issues


  • No pores and skin rashes or itching
  • No cases of dry pores and skin


  • Mild chest ache or chest discomfort
  • Occasional blood strain monitoring


  • No difficulties in respiration.
  • Reports having no cough.


  • Reports having fixed higher gastrointestinal ache.
  • Slight weight reduction
  • Reports adjustments in urge for food


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  • Reports no ache whereas urinating
  • No burning on urination


  • Reports slight dizziness
  • Reports occasional numbness within the decrease extremities


  • Reports no muscle ache
  • Reports no again ache and joint ache


  • No anemia
  • Denies experiencing episodes of bleeding or bruising


  • Denies History of spleen surgical procedure


  • Denies historical past of Depression


  • Reports historical past of night time sweating
  • Denies presence of polyuria


  • No historical past of allergic reactions

Objective Assessment

The normal evaluation reveals that the affected person is effectively nourished and effectively groomed. The very important indicators throughout examination are BP 142/84, pulse price of 85, the oral temperature of 98.1 (Fahreinheights), and ache at 6/10.

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Chest: rises and falls with respirations. On auscultation of the center, s1 and s2 sound heard with no additional coronary heart sounds. Lung sounds are clear.

Abdomen: ache on the ribs at 6/10.

Differential Diagnoses

Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori) is all the time linked to Gastric biopsies as the current an infection with out the precise willpower of the causative organism (El-Zimaity et al., 2018). Acute gastritis: ache within the belly space may end up from a sudden irritation of the mucosa, in what’s acute gastritis (El-Zimaity et al., 2018).

Gastric most cancers: Abdominal ache may end up from the consequences of abdomen most cancers, which has been reported to be elevated by the presence of Gastroesophageal reflux illness (Thrift & El-Serag, 2020).

Stress-induced gastritis: This is the irritation of the abdomen, which ends up from the interruptions of the pH of the abdomen. This change thus impacts the conventional digestive processes following the additional launch of abdomen acid in hectic conditions (Megha et al., 2020). This may end up into extreme belly ache.

My main prognosis is seasonal acute gastritis. This is because of signs of the reported H. pylori an infection and the reported ache within the higher stomach as is noticed from the affected person’s historical past.


Whereas the remedy modalities fluctuate relying with the causative brokers, pharmacological interventions have for many years been thought of. Some of the medicines embrace antibiotics, antacids, histamine (H2) blockers, reminiscent of Cimetidine and Proton pump inhibitors reminiscent of Omeprazole (Azer & Akhondi, 2020). Further, it has been reported that the remedy of H. Pylori associated gastritis ought to take into account a 3 modal strategy of Clarithromycin, Omeprazole and amoxicillin for between two to a few weeks (Azer & Akhondi, 2020).

Besides, the remedy of acute gastritis includes using treatment in addition to dietary and conduct change modals within the each day actions of a person. However, treatment interventions are thought of provided that the opposite options fail to work (Azer & Akhondi, 2020).


I concur with the present remedy of the situation as a result of it seeks to handle the belly ache because the sufferers’ chief criticism. According to Azer and Akhondi (2020), medicines in search of to lower the stomachs acidity are typically efficient in addressing stress induced gastritis. The commonest medicines embrace proton pump-inhibitors, H2 blockers, and antacids, which normalize gastric pH and price of abdomen ulceration. I learnt that a number of contributing elements resulting in illness improvement and approaches to remedy ought to assume a large scope of data by means of correct historical past taking. Patient training on prevention behaviors needs to be offered so as to keep away from the danger elements related to gastritis.


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