HIPAA Technology Breach Presentation

HIPAA Breach: Overview

  • HIPAA – well being, insurance coverage, portability & accountability act;
  • Components: knowledge interchange requirements, privateness protections & identifiers;
  • HIPAA protects affected person rights, e.g., entry to data;
  • Privacy Rule: ePHI utilization or disclosure requirements;
  • HIPAA breach:
    • Impermissible utilization or disclosure of ePHI;
    • Amounts to Privacy Rule violation.

HIPAA specifies knowledge trade codes, federal requirements, and privateness safeguards for shielding digital affected person well being info (ePHI) maintained or shared by suppliers. Under HIPAA, a affected person has a proper to entry his/her ePHI, amend it, restrict its use, and so forth. (HHS.gov, 2017). The Privacy Rule consists of nationwide requirements for utilizing ePHI, whereas the Security Rule stipulates institutional confidentiality protections. A HIPAA breach violates this rule and jeopardizes the integrity and privateness of medical info. It entails an impermissible utilization or disclosure of ePHI throughout use or transmission, leading to delicate knowledge moving into the flawed arms.

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Choice of Topic

The matter is important as a result of:

  • HIPAA breaches jeopardize:
    • Individual autonomy;
    • Respect;
    • Human dignity.
  • PHI disclosure to insurer causes stigma & embarrassment.

Privacy assurance: full ePHI disclosure to medical doctors.

Patients unlikely to share crucial info:

  • Incomplete knowledge – impacts care high quality.

Bioethics precept:

  • Individual selections – when to share ePHI.

The purpose for selecting this matter is that respecting affected person privateness is according to primary values of autonomy, respect, and human dignity when utilizing healthcare know-how. Therefore, a HIPAA breach jeopardizes the nonmaleficence precept that’s basic to high quality healthcare. Unauthorized ePHI disclosure to 3rd events exposes sufferers to social stigma and embarrassment. They might also face discrimination in workplaces. Without an assurance of privateness, they could withhold crucial info required to supply optimum care. Incomplete subjective knowledge can not help high quality and patient-centered healthcare.

How Often Breaches Occur

HIPAA breaches are fairly prevalent;

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  • Nationally, Privacy Rule complaints (2003-2018) are 173,426 (HHS.gov, 2018);
  • Affected hospitals implement OCR corrective motion plans.

HIV info disclosure to the employer at St. Luke’s (HHS.gov, 2017).

CaseFirst – cyberattacks that focused affected person knowledge (Snell, 2017).

Five breaches reported by FMCNA community (HHS.gov, 2018):

  • Impermissible disclosure & entry to ePHI.

HIPAA breaches are a typical incidence in hospitals. According to the HHS.gov (2018), 173,426 Privacy Rule complaints have been raised with the Office for Civil Rights (CF) between 2003 and 2018. For instances the place violations have been discovered, hospitals need to implement corrective motion plans. Examples of such breaches are the disclosure of delicate HIV info at St. Luke’s, cyberattacks at CaseFirst, and 5 impermissible disclosures of ePHI at FMCNA amenities nationally.

Severity of HIPAA Breaches

Breach penalties – rely upon hurt & ePHI sensitivity.

Severity scale:

  • Low-risk ePHI compromised & no hurt: No breach notification wanted;
  • Moderate-risk ePHI uncovered & unknown hurt: Breach notification is important;
  • More than one ePHI compromised & main hurt: Requires breach notification.

Compensation of the affected affected person:

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  • St. Luke’s paid $387,200 for HIPAA violations (HHS.gov, 2017);
  • FMCNA remitted $3.5 million for 5 breaches (HHS.gov, 2018).

HIPAA violations – intentional, unintentional, or malicious – entice penalties that rely upon the character of the hurt triggered and the way delicate the ePHI compromised is to the affected person. The severity scale contains low-risk, moderate-risk, and a number of ePHI breaches. They differ on whether or not breach notification is required or not. The degree of compensation will depend on the character of the violation and hurt triggered to the affected person. The ORC imposes penalties on suppliers for any violations or breaches reported.

Intervention to Reduce HIPAA Breaches

Technical safeguards – ePHI encryption may stop breaches:

  • Patient info changed into unreadable, coded textual content.

Codes required for decryption – prevents unauthorized entry.

Consistent with HIPAA Security Rule – ePHI safeguards.


  • Unauthorized consumer can not learn ePHI;
  • Security – solely real login credentials may give entry.

Authentication required to entry or transmit knowledge.

An intervention that would cut back the chance of HIPAA breaches is knowledge encryption. This technical safeguard entails changing ePHI into coded textual content earlier than transmission. Only licensed individuals can decrypt this info utilizing a consumer key or code. This intervention is according to HIPAA’s Security Rule, which prescribes that hospitals ought to implement safeguards to guard ePHI integrity and privateness (HHS.gov, 2018). The advantages of encryption embrace it limits entry to knowledge by login credentials and ensures unauthorized customers can not learn delicate info in an encrypted format. As such, the integrity of ePHI can’t be compromised throughout cyberattacks on an establishment’s info methods.


HIPAA breach – impermissible ePHI entry or disclosure:

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  • Jeopardizes the safety and confidentiality of ePHI.

Notification is necessary for high-risk ePHI.

Possible outcomes:

  • OCR fines & penalties imposed on suppliers: Depends on the extent of negligence;
  • HIPAA breach has implications on:
    • Individual autonomy;
    • Respect;
    • Human dignity.
  • Withholding of data – incomplete knowledge: Affects healthcare high quality.

A HIPAA breach outcomes from an impermissible ePHI entry or disclosure by suppliers. The violation jeopardizes the safety and privateness of knowledge. Notification of affected individuals is required when a breach has occurred. The attainable outcomes of HIPAA violations embrace fines and compensation to sufferers. The severity of the penalties relies on the extent of negligence, hurt triggered, and the character of ePHI that’s compromised. HIPAA breaches additionally have an effect on affected person autonomy, respect, and dignity and will result in the withholding of crucial info required to ship high quality care.


HHS.gov. (2017). Careless dealing with of HIV info jeopardizes affected person’s privateness, prices entity $387k. Web.

HHS.gov. (2018). Five breaches add as much as tens of millions in settlement prices for entity that did not heed HIPAA’s threat evaluation and threat administration guidelines. Web.

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