Marijuana Legalization and Issues to Consider Essay (Critical Writing)

The matter of marijuana legalization has remained controversial for the previous few a long time. In my view, there’s nonetheless rather a lot to be researched earlier than legalizing or decriminalizing this substance, and the method itself must be cautious and gradual. Marijuana use and commerce are straight associated to the legal justice system; due to this fact, in line with Hartley, Champion, Rabe and Champion (2017), these actions are thought-about injury to society. Although with decriminalization, there is likely to be a big lower in use-related arrests, there’s a robust chance for drugged driving or fights to turn out to be extra frequent. These will stay harmful visitors and social offenses; thus, the variety of crimes will keep the identical, however they are going to fall underneath totally different articles.

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Regarding the implications of legalization, it is very important contemplate the circumstances of the advised legislation. If the substance is just allowed for leisure use, the trafficking would nonetheless stay unlawful. It implies that though the justice system would require extra proof or bigger quantities of substance to contemplate the case legal, they are going to acquire extra alternatives to look at, monitor, and examine the availability sources. Additionally, Hartley et al. (2017) point out the observe when “social change arises out of continual iterations of policy” (p. 8). If marijuana is absolutely legalized, there is likely to be an increase in use amongst youth, which is harmful from the physiological perspective, and there shall be no authorized justification to finish it. As it may be seen, there are a number of points presumably following marijuana legalization. The options should not relevant to different medicine like heroin or cocaine, since these are extra harmful when it comes to their results and shouldn’t be decriminalized inside this legislation. I consider the justice system needs to be adequately ready and motive out all of the attainable eventualities for social shifts and legal penalties in case they make the pro-legalizing choice.


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