Marijuana: Myths and Legal Justification Essay

Marijuana as a Schedule I Drug

Over the previous a long time, a lot consideration has been drawn to the query of the categorization of marijuana when it comes to the nationwide systematization of medicine managed by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Currently, marijuana, in a single group with LSD and heroin, is included within the Schedule I class of medicine. This class implies that medicine included don’t have any justification for medical use and have a excessive potential for abuse. Meanwhile, cocaine, being extra harmful when it comes to habit and potential well being hazards, is assessed as a Schedule II drug (Goode, 2015). Such a classification exists on account of the truth that regardless of the detrimental results of the latter, some practitioners nonetheless have a tendency to make use of cocaine for ache management throughout nostril surgical procedures. In different phrases, drug scheduling doesn’t indicate that some medicine are much less harmful, the classification solely issues the drug’s capacity to function a medical instrument, therefore classifying these medicine as Schedule I medicine is justified.

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Marijuana, in its flip, is these days believed to be not solely a leisure drug however a ache alleviator in extreme types of arthritis. However, trendy medical associations, together with the FDA, can’t use the current empirical knowledge to justify marijuana’s medical use and reschedule the drug (Goode, 2015). Another potential side in favor of such scheduling is the prevalence of marijuana use among the many inhabitants. The already unprecedently excessive abuse charges could also be affected by the rescheduling, with folks falsely justifying marijuana consumption as much less dangerous. Hence, it could possibly be concluded that the present place of marijuana throughout the drug scheduling paradigm is justified. However, the continuing debate over recategorization needs to be addressed by the federal government by allocating assets to the express pattern research on the matter of drug’s ache alleviation qualities.

Myths and Fallacies

The first and arguably the most typical fantasy when it comes to marijuana abuse is the assumption that the drug is the least dangerous substance within the paradigm. Undeniably, the hazards of marijuana use are incomparable to those attributable to heroin abuse. Still, the drug itself comprises extra carcinogens than tobacco and will increase the chance of varied well being disparities akin to psychological issues, stroke, and most cancers (Goode, 2015). Hence, as an alternative of claiming this drug to be the least harmful, it’s essential to dwell on the actual and specific hazards of utilizing marijuana.

Another frequent fantasy in favor of marijuana use is its ache alleviation high quality. Indeed, varied native research outlined marijuana’s talents to ease muscle ache and pressure amongst folks with extreme arthritis. However, the research couldn’t be thought-about dependable for 2 causes. First, the examine samples have been inadequate to show the outlined speculation. Second, it has not been proved that the beforehand talked about drawbacks of marijuana consumption are well worth the alleviation impact.

However, some individuals who extremely criticize moth medical and leisure use of marijuana are additionally mistaken when it comes to their judgments. For instance, those that tout its advantages declare marijuana to be extraordinarily addictive. In truth, the overwhelming majority of marijuana customers declare to abuse the drug for leisure functions a minimum of two weeks after the final consumption (Goode. 2015). Undeniably, marijuana has an abuse potential, however leisure abusers are much less more likely to develop excessive dependence charges than individuals who abuse medicine akin to heroin or cocaine. It could also be concluded that such a wide range of myths and misconceptions revolving across the concern of marijuana consumption stem from the shortage of high quality analysis.


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