Non-Infectious Etiology of Fever Report (Assessment)


The article “Non-infectious causes of fevers in adults” by Steele, Franco-Paredes, and Chastain (2018) outlines the non-infectious causes of fever in adults. Fever is normally a symptom of infectious illnesses, however Steele et al. (2018) suggest contemplating non-infectious etiologies. Because fever is a presenting symptom for a lot of etiologies, clinicians usually prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics for the nonspecific signs. However, Steele and associates point out that this method is ineffective as a result of the presence of fever shouldn’t be predictive of a optimistic tradition end result, and its absence can also be not indicative of pathogen absence.

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The second danger brought on by fever as a presenting symptom for a lot of etiologies is that it may well result in over-prescription, inflicting pathogen resistance to antibiotics. According to Steele et al. (2018), pathogens proof against antibiotics proof against antibiotics trigger not less than 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in 2011. Additionally, the authors point out that the idea that infectious illnesses trigger all fevers causes in depth workup, prolonging hospitalization intervals. Therefore, the authors performed the examine to assist practitioners establish non-infectious causes of fever. The findings of this examine will present clinicians with sufficient clues for figuring out fever brought on by non-infectious causes.


The common physique temperature is normally 37.10C however it might fluctuate between 0.50C and 1° C. This variation is taken into account regular and brought on by physiological processes similar to metabolism, bodily exercise, and hormonal variability. Fever is characterised by a physique temperature of ≥ 38.3° C, whereas temperatures above 41° C outline hyperthermia (Balli & Sharan, 2020). Fever happens when endogenous pyrogens reply to invasive pathogens that trigger hypersensitivity reactions, malignancy, or autoimmune illnesses. Endogenous pyrogens are pure substances that originate from contained in the physique to mediate febrile responses towards exogenous pathogens.

At the mobile stage, leukocytes, tissue macrophages, and enormous granular lymphocytes engulf pathogens that enter the bloodstream or tissues. Endothelial cells and myeloid launch cytokines such because the interleukin-1, IL-6, interferon (IFN)-gamma, IFN-alpha, and tumor necrosis issue (TNF)-alpha within the course of (Steele et al., 2018). These cytokines induce fever by appearing on the thermosensitive neurons situated within the hypothalamus. When the cytokines are launched, they bind to their particular receptors within the epithelial, vascular system. The binding processes produce prostaglandin-E2, a mediator answerable for many febrile-related responses.

In the mind, the prostaglandin-E2 stimulates the hypothalamus to extend the physique temperature. The launched cytokines bind to their particular receptors within the epithelial, vascular system, releasing prostaglandin-E2, a mediator answerable for many febrile-related responses (Balli & Sharan, 2020). The cytokines act on the hypothalamic thermosensitive neurons, upgrading the setpoint temperature by way of the prostaglandins. This motion on hypothalamic thermosensitive neurons causes vasoconstriction, which, in flip, pulls blood from the periphery to inner organs to protect warmth.

The physique reacts to this course of by rising warmth manufacturing and lowering warmth loss till the elevated setpoint temperature is reached. The warmth manufacturing is achieved by way of sympathetic stimulation, thyroxine discharge, and shivering. Unlike hyperthermia, fever maintains a managed temperature elevation, permitting the overall functioning of physique organs (Balli & Sharan, 2020). This managed temperature elevation makes fever a protecting physique course of. Hyperthermia, however, causes the temperature to extend past the setpoint temperature. Simply put, hyperthermia will trigger an uncontrolled physique temperature improve, inflicting the temperature to exceed the physique’s capability to lose it. It is price mentioning that not all fever results profit the host, particularly throughout cytokine overproduction. Some fever results will be dangerous and deadly, e.g., they’ll trigger septic shock and fulminate infections.

Patient-Centered Medical and Nursing Management

The main objectives of fever administration are normothermia achievement and upkeep and relieving sufferers of the discomfort related to fever (Terrie, 2018). Healthcare suppliers should additionally establish and deal with the underlying causes to attain optimum well being outcomes. “Accessible Point-of-Care Tests” (POCTs) similar to biomarker assays and pathogen-specific assessments may also help healthcare suppliers detect systemic responses to febrile diseases. On the opposite hand, a complete bodily and historical past examination may also help practitioners establish particular medical clues for non-infectious etiological causes of fever.

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Diagnosis 1: Fever Caused by Non-infectious Factors

The affected person presents to the clinic with complaints of altered physique temperature triggered by non-infectious causes as evidenced by the next indicators and signs:

  • Lack of chills, rigors, lactic acidosis, and hemodynamic instability;
  • The affected person’s fever stays above 38.30C more often than not;
  • The affected person incessantly experiences pulse temperature dissociation;

Treatment Goals

  • Reduce the discomfort related to fever.
  • Keep the affected person’s physique temperature beneath 38.30C


Nonpharmacologic intervention: The affected person ought to be stored at a cushty room temperature, carrying light-weight clothes. The affected person can drink water to handle the dehydration brought on by sweating. The affected person’s temperature will be stored beneath 38.30C by an automated cooling endovascular automated cooling machine.


Fever sufferers additionally expertise discomfort, together with chills, flushed face, headache, malaise, sweating, myalgia, and many others. (Terrie, 2018). The automated endovascular cooling machine is environment friendly in sustaining normothermia and reduces nurse workload. Reducing the affected person’s physique temperature and maintaining them snug will enhance their wellbeing.

Follow-up Evaluation

Healthcare practitioners can monitor sufferers’ orientation, consciousness, and neurologic responses and response to exterior stimuli by rechecking important indicators. These well being indicators will point out the affected person’s response to the intervention (Doyle & Schortgen, 2016). The affected person ought to be suggested to make use of thermometers to measure their temperature as an alternative of feeling their brow with palms. Using the identical thermometer is strongly beneficial as a result of readings could fluctuate relying on the thermometer sort.

Diagnosis 2: Infectious Cause

The affected person presents to the clinic with complaints of altered physique temperature brought on by an infectious illness as evidenced by:

  • Frequent chills and rigors
  • Continuous fever is rare
  • Increased respiratory fee even within the absence of proof for an infectious course of
  • Pulse temperature dissociation is rare

Treatment Goal

Reduce physique temperature from 38.60C to 36.30C


Initiate antipyretics similar to acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine to scale back the fever.

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Empirical analysis helps the usage of antipyretics to scale back fever and its physiologic results (Doyle & Schortgen, 2016).


The affected person’s temperature will cut back to desired threshold hour after intervention implementation. Healthcare suppliers ought to educate sufferers on the significance of adhering to the producer’s advice, correct medicine use, together with administration and dosing and potential negative effects.

Application to Nursing Practice

As a working towards skilled, I’ll at all times encounter sufferers with fever as a cardinal signal. This article has taught me that infectious illnesses and non-infectious elements similar to drug use, trauma, inflammatory infections, and autoimmune illnesses could cause fever. It has improved my information of efficient fever remedy and administration. It allowed me to know why I must establish the fever etiology earlier than prescribing any medicine to my sufferers. According to Steele et al. (2018), this method will stop ineffective remedy approaches similar to over-prescription and in depth workup, lowering the affected person’s hospitalization interval. The article supplies an evidence-based rationale for why I’ll at all times conduct an in depth bodily and historical past examination to acquire ample proof for fever etiology. If I believe another analysis with out medical proof for sepsis, I’ll keep away from prescribing antibiotics till the precise analysis is made.


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