Policing Duties: Criminal Justice Essay

In the US, cops regard crime investigation procedures as a paramount aspect of felony justice. These processes entail examination and analysis of crime scenes with the purpose of recovering crime proof and documenting crime particulars (Albanese, 1999). For efficient crime investigations, cops are required to evaluate, observe, doc, search, acquire, and analyze crime scene proof. This paper focuses on police experiences as they carry out their policing duties.

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Simple Assault

Simple assault is outlined as a willful explanation for bodily hurt to a person. In the US, procedures utilized in felony investigations associated to assaults are just like these utilized in murder investigations. Simple assault differs from aggravated assault in that it doesn’t contain the usage of weapons (Fisher, 2000). Upon arrival on the crime scene, cops ought to analyze the scene critically. Through this, they need to acquire samples of fingerprints and blood samples. After this, they’re speculated to interview the witnesses. During this process, the sufferer’s data is paramount.

The above procedures have been acknowledged in accordance with the procedures documented within the textbooks and classroom environments. However, in up to date society, a few of these procedures don’t maintain. For occasion, extra usually circumstances of bodily assault are reported after the suspects or different people have distorted the crime scene proof. Because of this, the investigators will likely be compelled to depend on different proof (Fisher, 2000). Any particular person who willfully causes menace or bodily hurt to a different particular person is termed to have violated the assault legislation. To perceive the key causes of this crime and how one can deter it, legislation enforcers ought to make use of psychological theories in developing with acceptable insurance policies.


Robbery crime refers back to the illegal act of taking somebody’s property. More usually, investigators arrive on the scene of the theft after the robbers have fled. This implies that quickly after arriving on the theft scene cops are required to take care of emergencies (Fisher, 2000). Thereafter, they’re speculated to broadcast the robbers’ data to their fellow officers at varied areas to start the follow-up searches. After this, follow-up automobiles are speculated to be dispatched. Similarly, cops and forensic consultants ought to element the proof left behind by the robbers by taking photos of the crime scenes and looking for fingerprints.

During the theft investigations, investigators could discover that a number of the talked about procedures don’t maintain in any of the investigations. According to the present literature, cops are anticipated to comply with standardized procedures throughout their investigations. However, throughout their investigations, investigators is perhaps prompted to interview the eyewitnesses earlier than first-hand data is misplaced. Just like different widespread crimes, a greater comprehension of theft crimes may be achieved via the assistance of psychological theories (Albanese, 1999).


Individuals who forcefully enter somebody’s property are termed to have violated the housebreaking legal guidelines. Once the cops arrive on the crime scene, their main goal is to establish and protect attainable websites of forensic proof. Through this, the cops are anticipated to find out the factors of entry and strategies of entry into the premises (Albanese, 1999). Afterward, the consultants are anticipated to gather device marks left behind by the burglar. During this course of, the device marks ought to be collected with warning to make sure that the impressions of the crime scenes are usually not destroyed. Similarly, the solid impressions and images of the crime scene ought to be taken. After this course of, investigators ought to interview the witnesses.

By using the usage of rational alternative theories and routine exercise theories, the investigators can consider who performed the crimes, the place the crimes had been performed, and the way housebreaking crimes had been carried out. Similarly, societies can make use of these theories in exploring technique of deterring housebreaking crimes. Through this, they will comprehend what encourages burglars to interrupt into their properties (Albanese, 1999). During the felony investigations, investigators may understand that the general public members have interfered with the instruments or marks left behind by the suspects earlier than their arrival. In such excessive conditions, the process is dropped in favor of different procedures to reinforce the case’s admissibility within the courtroom of legislation.

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Domestic assault dispute

Domestic assault dispute crimes are assault crimes that contain home relationships. When investigating such crimes, cops ought to conduct a search within the crime scene specializing in discovering weapons, and blood samples if bodily hurt happens. Similarly, the cops are required to guage the crime scene primarily based on the proof acquired from the witnesses, victims, and the offenders. After this, the cops ought to do a walk-through of the scene with the victims (Albanese, 1999). Through this, the sufferer ought to be given an opportunity to relate the occasions previous to the crime, throughout the crime, and after the crime. Similarly, the suspect ought to be interviewed. When a home assault crime includes bodily accidents pictures of the sufferer’s accidents ought to be taken. During the trials, the prosecutor ought to make use of the social studying theories of home assault in explaining their investigations.

During the course of their investigations, investigators may discover that a number of the laid down procedures don’t maintain of their investigation course of. For occasion, it’s required that investigators assess home assault circumstances primarily based on the proof acquired from the witnesses. More usually, an investigator may understand that the witnesses gave imprecise proof that may fail to cross the admissibility take a look at throughout the courtroom classes. To strengthen his or her case, an investigator is perhaps compelled to evaluate the crime scene primarily based on different obtainable details reasonably than from the witnesses’ views (Albanese, 1999).


In the US, vandalism legislation is damaged when a person willfully damages one other particular person’s property. Whenever vandalism crimes happen, members of the general public are urged to report the crimes to the police departments as quickly as attainable. This will be certain that crime investigation is initiated earlier than the general public members disturb the crime scenes. Once the police division is knowledgeable of a vandalism case, they’re required to hurry to the crime scene (Fisher, 2000). At the crime scene, the cops ought to assess the extent of vandalism noting items of proof left behind by the suspect. Through this, the officers ought to search for fingerprints and footprints within the vandalized objects. They ought to then take pictures of the crime scene. After this, the officers ought to interview the witnesses. Some consultants argue that the adoption of the aesthetic principle of vandalism can allow investigators to enhance the admissibility of their investigations. The principle will allow investigators to provide you with acceptable accusations. While finishing up their investigations, investigators may understand that some procedures may jeopardize follow-up investigations sooner or later by disturbing the crime scene.

Disorderly Conduct

Within the US jurisdiction, disorderly conduct refers to all acts that compromise public peace. In this regard, disorderly conduct legislation decriminalizes all acts resembling ingesting in public and loitering in some areas due. In the US, cops are mandated to arrest any particular person discovered participating in acts that compromise public peace (Fisher, 2000). After the arrest, cops are speculated to interrogate the suspect. Thereafter, investigators ought to interview the witnesses.

To perceive the premise of those crimes, police enforcers ought to make use of the use sociological crime theories. Through this, they will perceive the causes and the methods of deterring the crimes in society (Harris & Kiel, 1999).

Possession of a lethal weapon

In the US, as soon as a person is suspected to be in possession of a lethal weapon, the suspect ought to be apprehended (Fisher, 2000). After the arrest, the police ought to perform an investigation to establish the claims. Through this process, the suspect ought to be looked for possession of the alleged weapons. Similarly, the police are allowed to increase their search into the suspect’s premises. With the assistance of psychological and sociological crime theories, the police ought to query the suspect totally for additional proof.

Like different felony investigations, investigators may acquire imprecise proof from interviewing the suspect and the witnesses compromising on the admissibility of their investigation (Harris & Kiel, 1999).

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Under US legal guidelines, people discovered to have violated loitering legal guidelines are speculated to be apprehended. After the arrest, investigators ought to query the suspect (Albanese, 1999). Similarly, the investigators ought to document the place the place the suspect was apprehended. This data could be helpful within the courtroom of legislation in proving that certainly the suspect had dedicated against the law.

In real-world experiences, investigators have famous that there are contentious points when proving whether or not the suspect dedicated a loitering crime. Critics argue that the definition of loitering is ambiguous (Albanese, 1999). To perceive the character of loitering crimes, legislation enforcers ought to make use of the usage of sociological and psychological crime theories.

Motor Vehicle Theft

In the US, most motorized vehicle theft circumstances are reported in giant numbers not like different crimes owing to the statutory necessities that mandate police stories when processing insurance coverage insurance policies (Albanese, 1999). Once a automotive theft case has been reported, cops ought to begin their investigations by recording the make, mannequin, license variety of the stolen automobile. Similarly, the cops ought to document the names of the operators of the automobile, the identify of the locations the automobile was stolen and recovered, and the way the thief broke into the automobile. Afterward, the officers are anticipated to interview the witnesses.

The above process is predicated on the present literature. However, in real-world experiences, the above procedures is perhaps carried out randomly as long as substantial proof is gathered (Albanese, 1999). A motorized vehicle theft suspect is termed to have violated the theft legislation.


According to US legal guidelines, larceny crime happens when a person deprives one other particular person’s property. In the US, larceny is among the eight index crimes. The steps utilized in investigating the crime and theories utilized in analyzing the crimes are just like these utilized in theft crimes. As such, it’s critical that the cops assess and doc the crime scene experiences with the assistance of crime scene processing methods (Fisher, 2000).


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