Prison Reforms for Handling Crime Effectively Essay

Causes for the Unusually High Incarceration Rate within the United States

The downside of the rise of mass incarceration within the United States has been disturbing students for many years. According to Garland D. (2018), sociologists concluded that development in US charges of imprisonment is a fancy of a number of processes. Garland argues that the primary cause for such a development is legislative and enforcement variations, with a slight affect of social elements (2018).

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Discussing Prisons as an Effective Way of Handling Crime

The alternate options to imprisonment similar to probation, fines and so forth aren’t so efficient in limiting criminals from society and stopping them from committing crimes. Modern prisoners, in comparison with early Americans, can learn books, watch films, and play video games. Additionally, as professor Manion says, the chance to take college-level lessons for prisoners may very well be an excellent substitute for spiritual conversion promoted by early Americans (2016). It is a giant achievement of our society that offenders may enhance their degree of schooling and discover a good job after they go away the place.

Reforms to the present jail system for dealing with crime extra successfully

I suppose that in makes an attempt to reform the present jail system, we may depend on our historical past. According to Manion (2016), in 1786, there was an try to help criminals’ ethical transformation by laborious labor in Pennsylvania. I believe that these days, laborious labor won’t be an possibility, however criminals ought to contribute to society by doing one thing helpful. In addition, they may very well be launched to artwork remedy, theater, and literature.


Jen Manion, an Assistant Professor of History at Connecticut College, outlined the crime and punishment in early America: from harsh British system to reforms by Philadelphia Society, the introduction of the system of laborious labor in Pennsylvania, and the manufacturing jail system in New York and the institution of Eastern State in 1829. Manion additionally seen that there have been some inequalities. The ladies reformers appeared solely within the late 1820s; African Americans and Irish immigrants have been disproportionately represented amongst inmates (2016).

The issues mentioned within the podcast relate primarily to the historical past of the event of the penitentiary system within the United States; nonetheless, historical past is a trainer of future generations. Social inequality continues to be significant, and the difficulty of the prisons’ effectiveness is related as of late. History tells us to study from errors and be impressed by previous achievements.


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Manion, J. (Host). (2016). Liberty’s prisoners: prisons & jail life in early America (No. 80) [Audio podcast episode]. In Ben Franklin’s World. Web.

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