Quality of Life and Its Application to Healthcare Essay


This evaluation goals to achieve a transparent definition of the time period “quality of life” by finding out the way in which it has been utilized in healthcare and different fields. This readability will guarantee efficient communication concerning the high quality of life between nurses and sufferers. Apart from that, clarifying what high quality of life means will decide remedy selections concerning the standard of life enchancment. Clarification of this time period might be achieved by delving into the literature to seek out out numerous methods by which the time period has been used. Further, the paper will cowl vital attributes of high quality of life and case examples to elucidate the options. Empirical referents might be identified in addition to antecedents and penalties.

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Uses of the Concept

Philosophical theories of high quality of life advocate the issues that make human life value dwelling, for instance, their interplay with different folks in society. According to specific analysis, Hedonic theories affiliate life’s high quality with the states of consciousness, consciousness, or particular person experiences (“Philosophical and Ethical Dimensions, n.d”). As maintained by Hedonic theorists, pleasure, and happiness are important components of high quality of life.

Religions have additionally used the time period “quality of life” in several contexts. From a spiritual perspective, high quality of life usually refers to non secular well-being, religiosity, private beliefs, hopeful emotions, in addition to inside peace (Counted et al., 2018). Quality of life is related to the person’s success, which relies on vital areas of life that set off a sense of well-being, each emotionally and bodily.

In the sphere of psychology, the idea of high quality of life refers back to the understanding of a person within the mild of their cultural facets and social atmosphere. According to Moudjahid and Abdarrazak (2019), high quality of life can consult with the person’s inclination in the direction of the attainment of their needs and pursuits in keeping with their psychological state. As a outcome, the standard of life is influenced by sure components similar to social relations and bodily and psychological states.

Further, well being applications have additionally outlined the idea of high quality of life. As acknowledged by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2020) high quality of life usually refers to an idea comprising social, emotional, psychological, and bodily functioning domains. It can be thought of as a measure of morbidity and mortality, together with basic satisfaction, well being notion, vitality, sleep, emotion, cognition, social exercise, perform, and physiology.

Modern students have used the idea of high quality of life in numerous methods. In a selected examine by Thapa et al. (2019), high quality of life is a subjective idea within the sense that the majority of its domains can’t be calculated instantly. The motive is that it’s linked to the people’ perceived affect on their very own lives. According to this empirical analysis, high quality of life refers back to the social, psychological, and bodily dimensions of well being decided by the person’s perceptions, expectations, beliefs, and private experiences. In addition, high quality of life has been regarded by Söylemez et al. (2020) as a multidimensional, dynamic, particular person, and subjective assemble that contains the evaluation of adaptation and the outcomes.

Similarly, Whelan et al. (2019) acknowledged that high quality of life contains dimensions like work-life stability, security, life satisfaction, well being, civic engagement, atmosphere, schooling, neighborhood, earnings, jobs, and housing. Moreover, Leeuwen et al. (2019) categorised facets of high quality of life into numerous domains. The domains embody monetary safety, neighborhood, house, spirituality, emotional consolation, adaptation, angle, relationships, well being notion, exercise, and autonomy.

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Critical Attributes

First, you will need to perceive the which means of vital attributes. Based on the idea of study developed by Walker and Avant (1995), vital attributes consult with options of the concept are considered repetitive. These important attributes are dynamic, subjective, multidimensional, and satisfaction. When descriptive phrases like individualized, interpretation, context, and notion are used, the non-public character of high quality of life may be seen. As such, it’s distinctive to each individual primarily based upon their analysis and evaluation of the circumstance. In case the subjective evaluation is unattainable, it may be decided by means of goal analysis. Satisfaction is considered multidimensional in that it contains the social, non secular, psychological, and bodily realms of life.

Notably, the bodily area incorporates the definition attributes like bodily well being, cognitive perform, train, practical standing, consolation, relaxation, and sleep. Attributes similar to satisfaction, independence, management, safety, enjoyment, happiness, emotion, and success are discovered within the psychological area. The non secular realm of life entails attributes like sanctity, spirituality, faith, morale, inside peace, and which means. The social realm usually contains attributes like atmosphere, private sources, social engagement, recreation, function efficiency, earnings, work productiveness, and relationships. This area is dynamic within the sense that it continually adjustments relying upon the developmental state, illness state, and life circumstances, amongst different issues.

Empirical Referents

The which means of empirical referents may be understood by wanting on the idea evaluation strategy. Walker and Avant (1995) referred to them as classes or lessons demonstrating the manifestation of the particular idea. A sensible high quality of the concept is a singular analysis of life success. It is the best-case situation by which high quality of life may be determined. It could be simple to find out the standard of life when the sufferers are concerned in ranking their wellbeing, happiness, and success (Counted et al., 2018). “WHOQOL” is a medium developed by the World Health Organization to find out the standard of life.

In analysis from World Health Organization (n.d.), WHOQOL includes twenty-eight questionnaires that contact on satisfaction, social, psychological, practical, and bodily components. Santos et al. (2019) concluded that the WHOQOL device may assess the bodily, social, psychological, and environmental domains. That means it will probably decide a person’s mobility, relaxation, sleep, sexual exercise, social assist, shallowness, monetary sources, and bodily safety.

Various instruments are established to determine, in an goal method, the event of high quality of life even when particular person statements are absent. Despite the gadgets being not essentially empirical referents, they’re useful, particularly within the absence of a subjective examination of the idea. In case a subjective evaluation is absent, the questions ought to be directed to relations or shut pals who could know extra concerning the particular person.

The high quality of life can be determined by means of remark. Observation contains actions similar to evaluating the person’s social and bodily habits, their capacity to formulate sensible targets, how they exhibit feelings of discontent, and their capability to take care of wholesome relationships. The proof of intense struggling, poor dwelling situations, or abuse signifies an absence of high quality of life (Moudjahid & Abdarrazak, 2019). However, provided that high quality of life is a subjective examination of a person’s personal life (Thepa et al., 2019), they might not regard a number of the components to decrease their high quality of life. That is why somebody can discover which means of their anguish that enhances the standard of their life. In quick, an individual’s subjective evaluation is essentially the most glorious solution to decide their high quality of life.

Model Case

A mannequin case refers to an instance of the idea utilization demonstrating the idea’s defining traits. It contains the whole attributes of the idea and ought to be a non-fictional instance of the idea utilization (Walker & Avant, 1995). The following narration makes an attempt to display how the concept of the standard of life may be utilized. Jane, a forty-five-year-old, has three youngsters and a caring husband. After paying off her mortgage, she saved some cash to assist her youngsters at school. Jane can be financially secure, having been promoted in her job. She is contented along with her monetary safety, pals, household, and well being. She considers her life to be good since she is supported and liked.

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The above situation exemplifies lots of the important attributes of high quality of life. Jane considers her life’s situation subjectively and finds it satisfying primarily based on numerous components: bodily well being, monetary stability, social satisfaction, and emotional happiness. Notably, these dimensional facets are essential to Jane’s life success. It can be essential to notice that these facets are dynamic. Jane’s conditions which have contributed to her happiness might need modified beforehand and are sure to vary sooner or later.

Contrary Case

Although opposite instances don’t comprise all of the idea’s defining attributes, they embody most of them. Walker and Avant (1995) have regarded opposite instances as situations inclined to disagree with the idea. The following instance represents a opposite case for the standard of life. Susan is a ninety-one-year-old girl recognized with continual most cancers. Susan has been within the hospital for greater than two months. She is incontinent and unable to eat. Most of the time, she cries and begs for help, voicing her want to die. Her son, nonetheless, insists that she shouldn’t be administered ache medicine because it makes her sleepy.

Susan is anesthetized and weaned off so many occasions after receiving a feeding tube. Susan’s son instructions the nurses and medical doctors to do what it takes to maintain his mom’s life. This case contradicts all of the attributes of high quality of life. There isn’t any subjective analysis of Susan’s life, and her satisfaction in lots of dimensions has not been assessed. Also, there is no such thing as a goal analysis of Susan’s life aside from the truth that she must be alive.

Related Case

Cases related to the idea however lack the defining traits are known as associated instances. Related instances lack vital attributes regardless of them being relatable to the idea (Walker & Avant, 1995). The following is a associated case of high quality of life. Claire is watching a stay briefing concerning a gambler who has gained a major sum of money by means of the lottery. Claire thinks the person might be financially secure and completely satisfied. Although it could seem that he’ll lead an excellent life, many vital attributes are absent on this situation. The case depends on a subjective analysis of the person from somebody who doesn’t know what would make him completely satisfied. Since it doesn’t have a look at different facets of life, it can’t be considered multidimensional. It additionally makes use of one scenario to make a generalized conclusion that the person will stay a contented life.

Analysis of Antecedents

It is important to differentiate between antecedents and penalties in idea evaluation. Walker and Avant (1995) have regarded antecedents because the incidences that happen earlier than the incidence of the idea. Based on this definition, life is essentially the most vital antecedent of high quality life. In different phrases, a person can not speak concerning the high quality of life with out it. A current examine signifies that consciousness is one other essential antecedent of high quality life. According to Christiansen et al. (2019), high quality of life is set by the capability to make selections, consider, appraise, or assess one’s personal life. As a outcome, life and cognitive growth are the 2 most vital antecedents of high quality life.

Analysis of Consequences

Generally, penalties consult with the outcomes of a selected occasion. They denote “those events or incidents that occur as a result of the occurrence of the concept” (Walker & Avant, 1995, p. 45). To efficiently analyze the results of the idea, its change in standing must be recognized. It is important to acknowledge that this adjustment can both be unfavorable or optimistic. The distinction normally decreases or will increase the person’s delight, shallowness, a sense of wellness, and happiness (Counted et al., 2018). According to new analysis, it will probably result in enhanced psychological and bodily well being (Moudjahid & Abdarrazak, 2019).

The change also can set off an altered life perspective and the power to answer numerous circumstances. It can lead to the achievement of essential life features, self-care, and the power to make particular person selections. It may help the person develop important resilience through the outdated age interval (Leeuwen et al., 2019). Moreover, this transformation can lead to acceptance of life’s conditions and enhanced capacity to manage (“Philosophical and Ethical Dimensions, n.d”). Also, it results in an improved appreciation of particular person preferences and uniqueness. In quick, the results considerably fluctuate and may be both optimistic or unfavorable.


The time period “quality of life” just isn’t properly outlined, although it’s normally utilized in healthcare apply. This paper on idea evaluation centered on bringing extra simplicity to the time period for software in healthcare. In the literature evaluation, it’s revealed that the phrase “quality of life” has a number of definitions and can be utilized to suggest completely different ideas. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the time period was achieved by analyzing its software in literature, describing the vital attributes, and articulating a practical which means concerning the important healthcare qualities. Planning sufficient care and assessing remedy procedures might be simpler if correct, credible, and efficient medical high quality of life measures are adopted.

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The evaluation of the subjective essence of high quality of life is of profound significance, particularly to superior apply nurses. In case the non-public analysis of high quality life is absent, the target evaluation may be attained by questioning the household or these near the person. However, there should be a realization of its multidimensional nature. In that regard, the standard of life can solely be decided by the person’s preferences.

For occasion, when selecting remedy plans and targets, the affected person should be concerned to determine what would affect their high quality of life. There is a necessity for healthcare practitioners to droop their methods of considering and as a substitute take into account the affected person’s needs. Quality of life measures is tailor-made to bear in mind the affected person’s views concerning medical decision-making. For the individualized high quality of healthcare to be averted, the standard of life determined by a person ought to be revered. When the clinician’s evaluation of the standard of life is opposite to the affected person’s, the clinician ought to keep in mind that the affected person has the ultimate phrase.


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