Reaction Paper about Treaty Bodies of Human Rights 2020 Report (Assessment)

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges and Issues Faced as a Result of COVID-19
  3. Conclusion and Recommendation
  4. Recommendations
  5. List of References

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The Human Rights Treaty Bodies entail professional committees with oversight authorities on the implementation of worldwide treaties on human rights. Such mandate seeks to make sure the state events adhere to the supply set out throughout the treaty. Although there have been huge issues on the effectiveness of those our bodies, the UN began opinions to know what occurred throughout the latest occasions. In this context, the report supplies elementary alternative to know the efficacy of those insurance policies and take part in enhancing them (Joint NGO response to the report of the co-facilitators of the UN General Assembly’s overview of the UN human rights treaty physique system, 2020). This report is significant as a result of it helps to know the values of worldwide treaties on human rights and social wellness. Therefore, it is very important consider the prospects of funds points attributable to COVID-19, communication challenges attributable to lowered human contacts and pandemic issues affecting human proper protection in addition to the overall secretary’s rejection of constitution requests as main determinant within the currents state of occasions.

Challenges and Issues Faced as a Result of COVID-19

The emergence of COVID-19 hit each section of the world financial diverting the eye of all governments into medical and humanitarian service urgencies. One of the most important constraints from the pandemic is budgetary constrictions. Since the outbreak of this virus, the United Nations shifted their funds into funding emergency analysis tasks and important care companies to assist curb the unfold of this illness. As a consequence, there are restricted sources channeled to run the implementation of the committees’ roles world wide (Creamer and Simmons, 2020). Notably, the studies point out that particular person international locations have denied the our bodies funds to perform their mandates in tackling points. According to Sarkin (2020, p. 7), useful resource prioritization and independence amongst these our bodies have been a problem because the onset of the pandemic. Consequently, it is very important perceive how the our bodies could make new methods to mobilize extra sources for effectivity and sustainable protection of human rights inside nations.

Moreover, communications have been shifted to on-line platform following the rules of World Health Organization and worldwide well being consultants. In essence, the UN human treaties have a complete framework of operation with totally different departments and organs (Krommendijk, 2020). The 10 treaties our bodies, the monitoring authority and the chartering section should operate sequentially to reach at a unified conclusion. Concurrently, on-line communication turns into difficult because of info communication and expertise obstacles alongside the hierarchy. At the identical time, the issue of outstanding vicious cycle appears to restrict the implementation of suggestions communicated underneath the varied opinions (Murray and De Vos, 2020). Thus, the cancellations of conferences, downscaling and postponement of sure classes, particularly States events’ periodic studies opinions show how the pandemic has affected totally different operations. The different problem is General Secretary’s rejection of charters as requested by the our bodies. One of the prevailing obstacles is the complacency of the hierarchical duties which generally delay the execution of sure selections.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To conclude, studying this report finds a number of the key challenges affecting the implementation of human rights safety as envisioned within the Treaty Bodies of Human Rights. Primarily, this report analyzes the worth for structural execution of insurance policies that govern human rights. Arguably, there’s a want to supply long-term formulae which might help our bodies in particular person international locations to execute their mandate as prescribed within the UN human rights treaties.


  • There is a must harmonize on the performance of every physique to make sure easy movement of companies and allocation of sources with specified regulatory necessities for member states.
  • The secretary basic and constitution members ought to allocate extra sources to facilitate the actions.
  • Every nation ought to embrace new info communication and expertise concepts to boost higher communication methods among the many states and related organs in the identical system.

List of References

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Joint NGO response to the report of the co-facilitators of the UN General Assembly’s overview of the UN human rights treaty physique system (2020). The ongoing enterprise of strengthening the UN human rights treaty our bodies. Web.

Sarkin, J. ‘The 2020 United Nations human rights treaty body review process: prioritizing resources, independence and the domestic state reporting process over rationalizing and streamlining treaty bodies.’ The International Journal of Human Rights, pp.1-27.

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