The Phenomenon of The Use of Prescription Drugs

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Use of prescribed drugs
  3. Dangers in prescribed drugs abuse
  4. Efforts to curb prescription drug abuse in America
  5. Conclusion
  6. Work Cited


Prescription medicine are medicine which can be issued below prescription from a medical practitioner. The must have a prescription earlier than the medicine are acquired is normally utilized with the intention to stop unlawful distribution, and efficient use of such medication.

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Unlike prescribed drugs, Over-The-Counter medicine could be acquired with no prescription and are readily offered to anyone within the prescribed drugs. Prescription usually entails giving out details about using the medicine to the patron, and solely approved medical practitioners are allowed by regulation to present prescribed drugs.

Different international locations have completely different licensing our bodies which perform the duty of guaranteeing that prescribed drugs are used accurately and responsibly. In the United States of America, the Federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 is the piece of laws that offers with prescribed drugs. This regulation is enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

There are some ways wherein prescription to a drug could be obtained. Usually, prescribed drugs are filled with written leaflets referred to as the patron medication data (CMI), giving the knowledge on using the medicine.

This data contains the title of medication, its preparation, dosage, negative effects warnings amongst different treatment points. In every nation, the registered medical practitioners are allowed by regulation to make prescriptions to such medicine. In the America, Medical practitioners, dentists, veterinarians, and optometrists are allowed to present and prescribe prescribed drugs, however solely registered pharmaceutical firms are allowed to make and distribute prescribed drugs.

The use of prescribed drugs, that are additionally known as Rx medicine has been a significant concern in lots of elements of the world together with the United States of America. The concern has been largely on account of abuse of prescribed drugs which is a phenomenon that has acquired an ever rising development.

Volkow (2005, para.1) signifies that, some regarding tendencies could be seen amongst older adults, who’re at a better threat of being concerned in prescribed drugs abuse. It can be evident that an estimate of 48 million U.S.A nationals of 12 years of age and above had used prescribed drugs for non-medical causes of their life time.

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Use of prescribed drugs

Prescription drugs corresponding to Opioid ache killers, central nervous system depressants and stimulants are normally utilized in therapy of some well being issues, regardless of their risk when abused.

Pain killers are administered to sufferers with persistent ache. Tranquilizers are administered to cut back nervousness and deal with issues related to sleep issues; whereas stimulants are prescribed to individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD) to help them to be attentive (NIDA InfoDetails, 2009, para.1).

It has been discovered that, many prescribed drugs are abused both by the individuals for whom the medicine have been prescribed or by different individuals who don’t deserve their use.

Drug abuse is described as use of a drug by individuals aside from the affected person to whom the treatment was prescribed, or use in a fashion, or dosage completely different from that which was prescribed. Prescription medicine in addition to Over-the- counter Medicines can produce hostile well being results together with dependancy if they’re abused.

Medline plus (2009, para.1) on prescription drug abuse, estimates that, 20 % of individuals within the United States of America have used prescribed drugs for different causes aside from the one they have been prescribed for.

Researches have been achieved in America by completely different our bodies looking for out the causes of such an uncommon phenomena and the extent of their impact. The abuse of prescribed drugs particularly among the many youth is as a significant concern in resent instances because the abuse of unlawful medicine corresponding to cocaine, heroine and marijuana.

The resent phenomena within the development of prescription drug abuse in America as captured within the National Prescription Drug Threat Assessment report (2009, p 6) reveals that the respectable distribution of ache killers have a significant contribution to the rise of the abuse. Many younger individuals within the society can readily entry this drug.

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It estimates that 56.7 % of the younger individuals discovered with the medicine had acquired the them from both a buddy or a relative, and that 81 % of those circumstances have been medicine which have been obtained from a registered medical practitioners. This reality results in a conclusion that, many stakeholders within the society have contributed to the rise in diversion of use of the prescribed drugs.

The rise in prescription drug consumption among the many younger individuals within the United States of America has been cited with the notion that prescribed drugs are a safer not like the unlawful medicine. Also, the truth that these medicine are available to individuals additionally contributes to this phenomenon (Volkow, 2009, Para 2)

Dangers in prescribed drugs abuse

There are critical well being and social dangers which can be associated to abuse of pharmaceuticals. An overdose of prescription drug or over-the-counter painkillers or depressants may cause respiratory difficulties that may lead even to loss of life. Due to dependancy, individuals utilizing stimulants have been reported to be hostile, and have excessive likelihood to develop coronary heart failure or deadly seizures.

Depressants have additionally been discovered to trigger refined results on driving abilities, capacity to make sound judgment and reminiscence impact. Abuse of prescribed drugs may cause dependancy; sedatives may result to lack of reminiscence; stimulants may cause hallucination and seizure tremors; whereas opioid can have an effect on menstrual intervals and fertility (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2008, Para. 2).

Efforts to curb prescription drug abuse in America

Every effort is being achieved by the federal government in making an attempt to cut back the development witnessed within the abuse of prescribed drugs.

Various campaigns have been launched to discourage the American inhabitants towards abuse of prescribed drugs, the resent one being the ‘push in to end prescription drug advertisements’ focusing on shoppers with an goal of lowering the demand for such medicine.

In addition, such a drive goals at stopping deceptive data from reaching the shoppers by means of the Direct to Consumer (DTC) ads the place the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is establishing new laws to manage the commercial of such prescribed drugs.


The noticed rising development of abuse of prescribed drugs amongst American nationals is a contribution of many components. It is a phenomenon that requires joint efforts, each individually and collectively, if any success is to be realized. Parents ought to play their half in instilling ethical habits to their kids in addition to guiding and counseling their kids.

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The authorities must also guarantee that the distribution of such medicine is managed by use of each legislative points in addition to monitoring of their distribution. Medical practitioners who’re concerned in unlawful distribution of such medicine needs to be discouraged by putting in stiff penalties to discourage them. Strict measures and procedures will successfully affect the behavior of shoppers and assist in curbing prescription drug abuse.

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