The U.S. Electoral System Presentation

What is an Electoral System?

At its primary understanding an electoral system is a algorithm that’s used to find out how the selection of a president or a political get together is carried out and the way the outcomes are counted. Voting construction takes into consideration a number of needed particulars, such because the age of voters, time and place of the elections, and monetary limits on marketing campaign spending when creating one of the best setting for making choices. At the identical time, whereas electoral system is a posh and detailed process, it’s organized by each authorities individually. For occasion, the U.S. has a novel observe of electing authoritative figures that features a lot of needed components. Therefore, the next presentation will present an in-depth understanding of the U.S. electoral system by discussing its distinguishing options and processes.

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The Electoral College

  • A physique consisting of 538 electors.
  • A sum of electors differs by state.
  • Election of the president and vp .
  • 270 electoral votes – a profitable quantity.

In normal, the voting group within the U.S. could be described by the time period Electoral College. This phrase describes a physique of electors that’s appointed by each state for the aim of selecting the president and the vp of the U.S. After finishing the method of normal election by the residents, the candidate who receives a desire of the bulk features all of the votes from the electors of this state (Bugh, 2016). To win the specified place, the applicant must get at the very least 270 votes from all electors (Bugh, 2016). Thus, the process doesn’t finish with the selection of residents; it continues with electoral votes.

The Purpose of Political Parties

  • Broadening of the rights of voters.
  • Extending political rights to all layers of the society.
  • Eliminating voting restrictions.
  • Increasing the extent of democracy within the nation.

In addition to the Electoral College, there are a number of different components extremely concerned within the voting system of the nation and certainly one of them is a job of political events. First and foremost, it’s needed to say that the U.S. was the primary nation on this planet to create a program that will switch the manager energy from one get together to a different by an election (Bugh, 2016). Political events proved to be important in increasing the political rights of people and eliminating the restrictions on voting (Bugh, 2016). Hence, the primary goal of political events within the U.S. is the growth of democracy and freedoms of the inhabitants.

The 2 Parties and Their Function

  • Two main events: the Republican and the Democratic.
  • Control of the president, the Congress, and the legislatures.
  • Two-party system – an important ingredient of American politics.

Nowadays, the 2 dominating political teams within the U.S. are the Republican and the Democratic events. They each have the ability to manage the Congress, the presidency, and the legislative authorities of the state (Bugh, 2016). For occasion, since 1852 each president of the U.S. was both a Republican or a Democrat (Bugh, 2016). Various third events exist within the nation, nonetheless, they don’t get as a lot recognition and recognition. For this cause, it may be concluded that the two-party system controls the electoral politics and operates as a crucial facet for the American political system.

Citizens’ Role within the Process

  • Choosing one of the best candidate by a participation in elections.
  • Trusting a person to characterize the wishes of the inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the U.S. is clearly an important a part of the electoral system since persons are those who want to stay in an improved setting and, consequently, make very important choices. One of the obvious methods by which the residents of the U.S. can participate within the strategy of elections is voting. By selecting specific candidates for the place, folks give them their belief to characterize their concepts and opinions in entrance of the entire world. Therefore, people have to keep in mind that their vote issues and has a contribution to the end result of the elections.

Other Ways of Participation

  • Working in political campaigns.
  • Engaging in discussions.
  • Raising consciousness in regards to the present points.
  • Joining strain and curiosity teams.

Even although participating within the voting course of is the simplest strategy to be concerned within the elections, there are a lot of different technique of particular person participation. Some U.S. residents voluntarily select to interact in political campaigns of various candidates by promoting them to their native communities (Bugh, 2016). Others determine to participate within the process by elevating consciousness about numerous points that exist in trendy American society (Bugh, 2016). Finally, a potential approach of contributing to the elections is becoming a member of an curiosity group the place folks share related opinions and considerations (Bugh, 2016). Thus, there are a number of alternatives for particular person involvement, and residents ought to make the most of them.

Caucuses vs. Primary Elections


  • Similar to normal elections.
  • An particular person selection on a secret poll.
  • An individual with the most important variety of votes is the winner.

When the Republican and the Democratic events manage the method of nominating one of the best candidates, which occurs months earlier than the precise election, they choose candidates by utilizing two completely different strategies: caucuses and first elections. A major is a approach to decide on a candidate that’s much like the final election (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.). It is organized on the statewide stage, and people could make their selection by placing a mark on a secret poll (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.). Consequently, whoever receives essentially the most important variety of votes is the winner of a major election. In presidential major, the successor is then given “a majority number of the state’s delegates to the nominating convention” (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.).

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  • Organized by political events themselves.
  • Meetings of various teams of residents.
  • Collective discussions of candidates.

Caucus, compared to a major, is a wholly completely different observe. Caucuses are particular conferences organized by the members of a political get together the place they collectively talk about the candidates and determine on one of the best candidate for the place. (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.). At the tip of the gathering, there’s an election that decides on the delegates who will characterize a candidate from the bulk (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.). These delegates then determine on the ambassadors to the nationwide conference who, finally, select a determine to run the workplace (“Primaries and caucuses,” n.d.). Thus, whereas a major election is a person course of, caucus focuses on gathering and discussing related opinions in regards to the candidates.

The Role of Caucuses and Primary Elections

After studying extra about every of the strategies and watching a video about them, it turns into clear that they carry a particular goal within the presidential election course of. In normal, by the implementation of those practices, the Republican and the Democratic events determine on their finest candidates for the illustration throughout the elections. While caucuses have interaction people in discussions and debates, primaries give an opportunity to precise private opinion anonymously. Furthermore, these two varieties of elections be certain that the two-party system dominates and can proceed to be prevalent in U.S. politics. This is as a result of primaries and caucuses restrict the selection of voters throughout the normal election, and the elected president is both a Democrat or a Republican. Therefore, the 2 strategies are important for the already established political system.

National Conventions

  • An official assembly of delegates.
  • Nominating the candidates.
  • Deciding on the ideas and objectives of the get together.
  • Adopting the foundations for get together actions.

After finishing the number of candidates by primaries and caucuses, political events maintain nationwide conventions. The participation within the meeting is ready by every get together individually; due to this fact, the variety of voting representatives is completely different (Bugh, 2016). National conventions are the conferences organized with the intention to nominate the candidates for the place of the president and the vp of the U.S. (Bugh, 2016). In addition, these practices intention at formally deciding on the first ideas and objectives of the get together and stating the primary guidelines for his or her operations (Bugh, 2016). Generally, nationwide conventions finalize essentially the most very important choices of the get together.

The Modern Purposes of Conventions

  • To promote relatively than choose.
  • To introduce a person and their program.
  • To talk with the voters in an unmediated approach.
  • To affect folks’s decision-making course of.

Even although the formal that means of a nationwide conference is to appoint the candidates, it may be said that, these days, the aim has barely modified. Berman (2016) advised that “the conventions are organized to sell, rather than select, the politicians who rank-and-file voters chose at the polls” (para. 2). Assemblies supply nominees a possibility to introduce themselves and their program to voters and probably affect their determination in regards to the future president (Berman, 2016). The acceptance speech offered by the candidates is a novel strategy to talk with the inhabitants in an unmediated approach (Berman, 2016). The conference units a story which is then related to a specific candidate.

The General Election Campaign

  • The Electoral College system influences campaigns.
  • Targeting states with essentially the most electors.
  • Ensuring a good place in California, Texas, New York, Florida.
  • Driven by media comparable to, tv and the Internet.
  • Focused on a good illustration of the candidate.
  • Debates – an important marketing campaign ingredient.
  • Television debates entice the eye of U.S. residents.

Once the nominees are recognized to most of the people, the official strategy of a normal election marketing campaign begins. Since the U.S. political system is established across the Electoral College idea, candidates focus their consideration on concentrating on states with the biggest variety of electors (Bugh, 2016). By investing funds into such states as, as an illustration, California and Texas, people hope to make sure their dominating place within the eyes of Americans (Bugh, 2016). Therefore, as a substitute of placing vitality into the event of a marketing campaign that will curiosity the entire nation, candidates create packages appropriate for particular states with the most important variety of electoral votes.

Contemporary presidential campaigns are pushed by media since it’s the most crucial technique of receiving data and studying extra about numerous occasions taking place within the nation. For this cause, candidates spend tens of millions of {dollars} on promoting and neighborhood conferences to generate a optimistic media illustration. One of the most well-liked marketing campaign processes is the debates between the Republican and the Democratic presidential candidates (Bugh, 2016). Since 1976, debates are an important ingredient of the election course of which are a magnet for the eye of tens of millions of people within the U.S. (Bugh, 2016). Debates are offered on tv channels which supplies everybody a possibility to observe and analyze them.

The Influence of Debates

  • Candidates’ discussions are carefully analyzed within the media.
  • Result in a shift of public opinion.
  • A extra ready and assured candidate is in favor.
  • Can change people’ selection of the president.

While presidential debates are a vital part of candidates’ campaigns, they will have an enormous affect on the election course of. Discussions between the representatives of every get together are rigorously analyzed by educated people on completely different media platforms (Bugh, 2016). These critiques generally lead to a shift of normal opinion about this or that particular person and, finally, have an effect on folks’s selection of the president (Bugh, 2016). For this cause, candidates have to take into accounts all of the potential outcomes of the debates and be ready to reply any query or present a remark for various controversial arguments.

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The Role of Media

  • Helps to create a optimistic picture.
  • Develops bias and fraud.
  • Journalists determine who to cowl in line with their private selection.
  • Some candidates are left invisible.
  • People have no idea sufficient about every applicant.
  • Only energetic, scandalous, and revolutionary persons are mentioned.
  • The data is filtered in line with likes and follows.
  • An publicity to a restricted spectrum of opinions.
  • Direct entry to candidate profiles and opinions.
  • An institution of a powerful private connection.

As it has already been talked about, trendy political campaigns are established across the media. In order to make an necessary determination, voters are in want of sustainable information about the advantages {that a} specific particular person can carry to their life. Thus, candidates make investments important funds and private effort in making a optimistic picture of themselves on numerous social media platforms, radio, and tv. For occasion, media illustration contains numerous video commercials on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter created to focus on the youngest inhabitants of the voters. Television and radio commercials are developed for a barely older a part of the American inhabitants. However, along with positively portraying the candidate, the media can contribute to the emergence of bias, fraud, and faux information.

Some people could be unnoticed of the media by journalists and political consultants. This tendency exists as a result of authoritative figures within the sphere of politics determine who to cowl, favor, and criticize individually (Brichacek, n.d.). It is of their private selection which candidates to research and the way a lot and, as indicated by Brichacek (n.d.), these choices alone can have an enormous affect on the end result of elections. For occasion, some folks could be left invisible for most of the people as a result of their personalities aren’t as scandalous because the characters of others, or their packages aren’t distinct sufficient.

Another tendency created by the media is the truth that the knowledge the viewers receives is filtered. What folks see on their social media platforms relies on their preferences in line with likes, follows, and feedback (Brichacek, n.d.). Hence, as a substitute of accepting a variety of opinions, people are uncovered to filtered reviews primarily based on their very own decisions (Brichacek, n.d.). Nevertheless, social media offers customers an opportunity to get direct entry to candidates’ lives, views, and opinions (Brichacek, n.d.). Through media, folks can set up an intimate relationship with an individual that they’ve by no means met earlier than.

The Role of Money

  • An important ingredient of a political marketing campaign.
  • A correct illustration in entrance of the general public.
  • Covers transportation, promoting, political consulting.
  • Mostly non-public funds; public cash obtainable for president candidates.
  • Helps wealthy folks and harms the poor.
  • Not a deciding consider political elections.
  • An benefit along with different potentialities.

Money is one other important a part of any political marketing campaign. Without the existence of huge funds, candidates can’t precisely current themselves to most of the people and contribute to the optimistic end result of the elections. It is critical to say that many of the political campaigns must be financed privately; nonetheless, public funds can be found for the presidential candidates each throughout major and normal elections (Bugh, 2016). Political campaigns embody many expenditures, comparable to promoting, transportation, political consulting, communication with voters by social media (Bugh, 2016). Consequently, cash is a crucial a part of an election course of because it ensures an efficient results of the marketing campaign.

Since cash is crucial for the election course of, it might assist a number of the wealthiest people considerably and, on the similar time, put others in an unfavorable place. This phenomenon exists primarily as a result of candidates with the most important funds have tens of millions of potentialities to be lively of their campaigns and guarantee protection on social media. For this cause, they could omit different candidates who’ve much less monetary potentialities. On the opposite hand, it’s proved that cash shouldn’t be a deciding issue in terms of political elections (Bugh, 2016). Finances are undoubtedly an enormous benefit, however a legitimate program, information, and impactful communication with the voters are a number of the extra necessary components.


Overall, the next presentation proved that the U.S. electoral system is complicated and consists of a number of essential particulars. Even although many individuals check with the entire course of because the Electoral College, there are a lot of components which are essential to occur earlier than that. Some of the practices included within the voting course of are major elections and caucuses, nationwide conventions, political campaigns on social media and tv, normal elections, and debates. Individuals from most of the people can be extremely concerned within the course of by selling desired candidates, spreading consciousness, and taking part normally elections. In addition, the media and funds play an important function in any political marketing campaign and might even affect the end result of the elections. Therefore, with the intention to perceive the entire system higher, the presentation mentioned all of the talked about facets in additional depth.


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