Undergraduate Nursing Program and Resnick’s Theory

Planning a brand new undergraduate nursing program, I might incorporate the Theory of Self-efficacy developed by Barbara Resnick into the curriculum. The significance of this idea could be hardly underestimated because it has a large scope of implementation in proof primarily based observe.

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Resnick’s idea is of nice use to the nursing professionals as a result of they usually face vital conditions the place complete focus and dedication are obligatory. The ideas of self-efficacy elaborated by Resnick inside the framework of this idea assist a nurse practitioner alter to the sophisticated situations of the working cycle. According to Resnick (2014),

The most necessary with regard to the usage of the speculation of self-efficacy in nursing analysis is that the researcher maintains the behavioral specificity by growing a selected match between the conduct that’s being thought-about and efficacy and final result expectations (p. 206).

Thus, the Theory of Self-efficacy provides a sensible framework that allows a nurse develop the behavioural expertise that can exceed efficiency ranges and assist one have an interior peace that contributes to the working success. In addition, the appliance of this idea facilitates medical resolution making, helps handle one’s feelings, boosts communication expertise, and improves the abilities of care administration.

These are the competencies which are important for each undergraduate nursing scholar. With regards to the importance of Resnick’s idea for the undergraduate curriculum, I might particularly emphasize its emotional administration element as a result of most college students at this degree confess that they’re at excessive stress each academically and at actual working situations.

As far as I’m involved, the emotional administration a part of this idea is obligatory for all undergraduate college students as a result of it proposes the strategies which are of excessive worth for each scholar with out exception.

Question: If you have been planning a brand new undergraduate nursing program, what’s one nursing idea (grand or middle-range) that you’d incorporate into the curriculum? Leininger’s idea is among the nursing theories that I might incorporate into the curriculum because it addresses tradition, an necessary side of nursing observe which were ignored earlier.

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As far as I’m involved, tradition is the lacking hyperlink between nursing data and nursing observe. In reference to the worldwide developments when folks subjected to the worldwide processes transfer conventional areas of their dwelling and produce multinational communities in different areas, there’s a want for the theoretic base to increase care for people with numerous cultural background.

Leininger’s idea is targeted on adapting nursing care to the wants of every specific particular person in accordance to at least one’s thought of interpersonal interactions originating from his or her cultural perceptions (Starr, 2009). The theoretic and sensible roots of Leininger method are in intensive nursing expertise, extending care to numerous inhabitants classes, insightful anthropology, and inventive pondering.

Being influenced by all of the above-mentioned theoretic dimensions, Leininger got here to a conclusion that to supply care to sufferers with completely different cultural and ethnic background, a comparative system of approaches is critical. As a end result, she developed her idea.

I think about Leininger’s idea a major aspect of nursing idea that ought to not go unnoticed by undergraduate nursing applications as a result of superior nursing college students are to be theoretically armoured to deal with points that happen in nursing observe because of the international processes in human society.

Overall, understanding human attachment to at least one’s cultural norms, customs, communication perceptions, language, and heritage offered in Leininger’s idea ought to turn into an important aspect of undergraduate nursing schooling.

The Absence of a Guiding Theory

The analysis examine performed by Zurriaga et al. (2011) observes the elements which are related to additional weight in kids in Spain. This examine is peculiar for the absence of unified theoretical framework that guided the examine because it was held by a big group of students from completely different components of Spain with a comparatively low coordination degree.

The outcomes of this attribute have been ambiguous outcomes and vague conclusions made on the finish of the examine. In this vein, the examine made a discovering that childhood weight problems is related to dietary preferences of a household however it did not current particular knowledge relating to the sorts of meals that seem like the causative brokers of gaining additional weight.

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It is true that the examine indicated among the merchandise that will trigger weight problems in kids in case of standard consumption however the checklist of the dangerous merchandise offered within the analysis abstract article had quite a few gaps. This prevalence could be defined by the absence of a selected and clear framework that might allow acquiring particular knowledge wanted to reply the examine query in a extra particular method.

Moreover, the examine was elaborated by a wide range of researchers with completely different method and imaginative and prescient of analysis design. The endpoint of this observe is the excessive fee of risk of various analysis standards. Thus, the findings of this analysis examine have a questionable exterior validity.

Overall, evaluating this instance, I got here to a conclusion that to acquire dependable outcomes, the researchers have to speculate ample period of time and efforts as a way to develop the theoretical foundations of their venture in addition to its conceptual framework.


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